Weekend post-holidays

This weekend boys have been very busy attending activities and catching up with their friends.

Micha has been running and playing tennis, Diego went to Baking, Golf and Climbing, Taha visited the swimming pool in Grand Saconnex, Lyam played Tennis and Armin joined Climbing for the first time this year.

Here, are a few snaps.

Welcome Back

Welcome back guys for this last sprint of the school year.

The boys are motivated and engaged to squeeze the most out of these two months, bring the best results in their academics and enjoy the beautiful Swiss weather along with the activities planned by the school.

Running for the holidays with a smile 🙂

We had a wonderful weekend in the house, with plenty of activities. Jamil went Running and to watch the football match between Servette and Basel Young Boys; Lyam went to play Tennis and Chess; Armin played Chess; Taha joined the Gaming Club and Diego went to Baking and Climbing.

Here we have a few snaps.