End of year video.

This year, we experienced laughter, tears, and a heartfelt journey of friendship with the Concha Annexe Boarding House. Through our blog, you followed the lives of six best friends – Armin, Diego, Jamil, Lyam, Micha, and Taha – as they navigated the ups and downs of teenagehood at Collège du Léman. Reading our posts will take you on a journey that will leave you feeling like you’re hanging out with your own group of hilarious and lovable friends.

RISE to the stars

Today Diego with a group of enthusiastic students embarked on an educational journey as they eagerly visited the local observatory of Versoix. Filled with curiosity and anticipation, they stepped into the world of stars, planets, and galaxies. Inside the observatory, they were greeted by knowledgeable astronomers who passionately shared their insights about the universe. Guided by the astronomers’ expertise, the students marvelled at the vastness of the night sky through powerful telescopes. They observed distant constellations, witnessed the intricate dance of celestial bodies, and contemplated the mysteries of the cosmos. The visit to the observatory ignited a spark of wonder and ignited their passion for astronomy, leaving them with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and grandeur of the universe.

End of the Year Event

Last Sunday, June 11th, the CDL community hosted its bespoke event for the Boarders, the “End of the Year Event.” We were fortunate to have pleasant weather with a mix of sun and overcast, providing an enjoyable afternoon with comfortable temperatures.

At 12 pm, just after brunch, our facilities welcomed all the attractions. Ms. Lucélia, along with Ms. Roberta and some students, began setting up for this important event.

Our boys had a blast participating in activities such as bubble football, swimming, and, of course, bouncing on trampolines. We have included a few videos for you to enjoy. Throughout the event, their bellies were filled with popcorn, cotton candy, and ice cream, adding to the excitement.

To conclude the event, everyone indulged in burritos and fizzy drinks.

It truly was a perfect day and a memorable experience for everyone involved.



This weekend, our boarders discovered a French traditional sport in a miniature version: La Petanque 

The rules a quite simple, each player has 2 or 3 metal balls that he needs to through as close as possible to the little wooden ball called ” le cochonnet”. We played in a miniature version inside our living room and on the carpet.

Now that Lyam, Armin and Micha develop a real interest in this sport we will continue to play next week with real-size game in our wonderful green garden.

Weekend Activities

On Saturday, Lyam attended his weekly tennis activity. He always plays with passion and commitment, he would like to take part in tournaments next year.

Diego became a regular Golf player. After practising his leg and hands position, he is ready to practice on different terrains and before the end of the school year we bet he will be able to do a full 18 tour.

Meet the Champion Masashi Ebinuma

Today Micha attend a training session at a Judo Club in Geneva.

He had the chance to meet a Japanese judoka who is a triple-world champion and Olympic Champion:

Masashi Ebinuma

Masashi exchanged with the young Judokas about his passion and also made some demonstrations. Micha came back extremely happy and proud, his passion for Judo grow more and he want to continue and get the black belt by the end of the next school year.