Amazing mountain weekend in Verbier!

During the last weekend, exciting activities have not taken place only in Fiesch but also in Verbier as some of the students went there to spend the mountain weekend. Trotinnetting, also known as scooter touring, as well as rock climbing, were on the agenda !  Activities that appeals to individuals seeking adventure, physical fitness and the thrill of conquering challenging routes.   This includes the zipline, a funny way to enjoy the thrill of flight and the beauty of nature.  Here are just a few of the moments that made this trip amazing. 😀

In the photo at the top right Paulina was on the highest zipline in the world.
In the photo at the bottom left Bice, Coco, Mei mei, Hanna and Sayuri were spending time together.

Skill development and fun in Fiesch!

During the mountain weekend all the students took part in plenty of activities by learning new skills or improving existing ones. Knowing how to be able to perform a task or tackle a challenge successfully enhances self-efficacy, which is the belief in one’s ability to achieve goals. Small successes foster a positive feedback loop that encourages continued skill development.

The activities that the students have most appreciated are the rope course, a great way to test agility, balance, and bravery while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in Fiesch, and mountain biking. Many students also took part in Via Ferrata, which offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape while providing a thrilling climbing experience.
Another breathtaking activity is hiking around Aletsch, the largest glacier in the Alps.
During the last day students had so much fun in the tennis court taking part in team games like sack race or wearing inflatable costumes, which created a whimsical and larger-than-life appearance.

One of the best gems of the resort is the swimming pool with windows that overlook a wonderful landscape view: a unique and luxurious feature which allows us to enjoy the experience of swimming while being surrounded by the beauty of the natural surroundings.
What more could one ask for? 🙂