Performing Arts Evening

This evening some of our boys participated in the Performing Arts Evening organised by the Head of the Performing Arts, Miss Hannah Picasso. It was great to see their talents on stage and explore their artistic expression. Have a look and some moments of this event:


Panthers Awards 2023

Well done to Martin and Kosei for their Panthers Sports Awards which celebrate all those who during the year have excelled in dedication, sportsmanship and effort in our extensive sports programme.

Praise also to Gabriel and Max who were both also awarded but could not make it to this ceremony. Léman House is always committed to the values of sports, being them individual or in teams and we certainly are proud of these boys for their E in RISE ( Excellence ).


Trip to Milano!

This weekend, our students had the opportunity to visit the incredible city of Milan in Italy. They enjoyed touring the city, they visited a theme park and they enjoyed lots of amazing Italian food!

International Day Celebrations

The National Honor Society hosted the International Day at CDL filled with stands from several countries and important charity initiatives. Some of our boys participated and shared some of their unique cultural diversities. Take a look at some of these fun moments:











Activity packed long weekend

This weekend started on Thursday and our boys had several activities to choose from and enjoy before final exams start. Great highlight was our trip to Vienna in which our Boarders had the opportunity to discover several Museums and Monuments in the heart of this Musical City. Have a look at these great moments:











Weekend Activities

Another weekend, another host of opportunities for our Léman boys to take full advantage of all the fun activities we have available to our Boarders at the weekends.

This weekend, the boys enjoyed horse-riding, tennis, cooking, climbing, running, golf and karting!!


Romantic Dinner for Quique

It was a special evening for our Quique and the lovely Marusya who enjoyed a special dinner yesterday.

This privilege dates back from when we did a Charity bid in support of the victims of the Turkey earthquake. Marcelo won the bid but he felt he should offer the privilege to his friend Quique who then shared it with Marusya.

Lovely gesture from Marcelo who showed how great his heart is.

And in every lovely story there’s an element of comedy and that was provided by Mr Antonio who, as part of the deal, did all the table setting and waitering for the lucky Marusya and Quique… they only had to sit down and enjoy the food and the service.

The menu consisted of:

  • Green salad, tomato and cucumber salad with its balsamic vinegar sauce
  • Couscous
  • Lemon pie
  • Ice Tea and water

A lovely, generous gesture from all of us and a special moment for two of them 🙂


Joyeux Anniversaire Jeff

Birthdays are always a big celebration in Leman House and today was Jeff’s turn to get his cake and to receive all the affection from his friends.

We wish you all the best in your life Jeff. Happy Birthday to you 🙂

Sunshine funtime

The Sun came out this weekend and gave a marvellous opportunity for our boys to be outdoors and release some of the pressure from the exams. Between Sports and leisure activities, have a look at some captions of these moments:





Final term



Whoa… we are back again 🙂 It’s always surprising to realize how quick time can fly when you’re having fun


We hope everyone had a great spring break and we are now open for business as usual. For the coming weeks a lot of excitement is planned to take place hand in hand with some serious work to be done.

On the academic side, the end of the year means exams approaching: all boys will be focusing on these important tests which will have an effective impact on their grades. This is even more important for those who are now seniors and working for their university applications. For our grade 12s, in early June we will have the emotional Leavers Ceremonies, crowned by the formal Graduation on June the 3rd.

With the first rays of Summer approaching, the Lake Activities will pick up again. We expect to explore this unique natural feature again as it is such a privilege to have a beautiful lake, minutes away from our school.

And of course on sight we have the summer break… 🙂 These next two months will be eventful so here is a good reason to watch this space.

For the moment we are welcoming back all the boys and we wish them a wonderful final term.

Break, oh break…

…and so another term is over and we attack the Spring break with a lovely sense of accomplishment. So many things to celebrate, moments spent together, academic and personal successes… and obviously some struggles which are only part of life.

For now it’s time to enjoy the break, recharge batteries, see the family and friends. In two weeks we will embrace the final stretch of the year: end of Marking Period, exams, lake activities, trips and for our grade 12s, Graduation.

A lot to look forward to… just watch this space.

Servette 2 – 1 Young Boys

There was a thrilling football match this weekend between the two tops teams in the Swiss Super League. Before the game, Young Boys were 18 points clear of Servette (from Geneva) at the top of the table.

Young Boys went 1-0 up at half time. Servette went on to win the game in spectacular fashion.

Final score: Servette 2 – 1 Young Boys

Some of the Léman boys went to the game and absolutely loved it!!