Weekend Activities

Another weekend of fantastic activities for the Léman boys. The opportunities keep growing, for our students to try new activities, enjoy the wide range of activities with their friends, and live active and healthy lifestyles.

The activities the Léman boys participated in this weekend included Tennis, Climbing, Woodcrafting, Cooking, Horse riding, Running and Chess club.

There was also a trip organised for some of our students to go and watch a professional Ice Hockey game in Geneva.

Bohdan’s Art

And now Bohdan’s drawing skills… What an amazing talent!!!!

Bohdan’s drawings express intensity and energy while they encompass a bucolic feeling in them.

It’s incredible what he can do with his Stylus Pen.

Congratulations Bohdan and keep nurturing this gift you have. 🙂

Samedi du Partage !

We are proud to say that Seyed did an amazing job today for the Samedi du Partage. He directly volunteered to participate and successfully collected food, hygiene and cleaning products for the association. He demonstrated willingness to explain the purpose of it, practicing his french, and was really polite and welcoming. Thank you Seyed for this amazing experience !




An afternoon of Drama!

This afternoon, some of our boys have performed some plays where they conveyed messages related to current issues such as technology or the environment. Apart from making it very entertaining and making us enjoy it. It was wonderful how they performed on stage. It seems that we have some good actors among the Leman students.

Respect Week

This week we have celebrated RESPECT WEEK at school and the initiative that we have carried out in the Leman House has been a chain where everyone has written a word or a phrase related to respect. The whole boarding house is involved in this project, so we can read what respect is linked to in this house.

Entering the Christmas Season!

This weekend, like every other weekend, we had activities such as tennis, swimming, climbing, horse riding and the running and history clubs. As an excursion, on Sunday they went to the Grand Parc d’Andilly – Christmas Park. Here they were able to stroll around the stalls with Christmas sweets, drinks and Christmas food or activities inspired by Christmas. They had a lot of fun and the decorations for this special time of the year are already visible.


Wellbeing Pillar 2 – Sexual Orientation & gender identity

This week our wellbeing session took another shape from the usual format.

The topic of sexual orientation and gender identity can be a delicate one… Doubts, fear, embarrassment and prejudice can surely hinder ones willingness to openly talk on his views and needs.

Thus, our advocates have created a platform where any student can place his or her own questions, in a totally anonymous way, and have them answered back.

Despite the fact that we are an open community, where dialogue is encouraged and tolerance is paramount, we feel this can be of great help to some who can be not so confident to talk about these matters.

It’s great to know that CDL is a school that always tries to develop strategies to support the students and to give them voice.

Exciting days

Weekends are a synonym of fun at CDL and this weekend was particularly exciting with a group of 8 Léman boys joining the EuropaPark trip, in Germany.

EuropaPark was a blast and the boys have created memories of the days spent there that will link them for the rest of the year.

But for those staying on Campus, there was also some quality time reserved for them. A big group joined Tennis and others went Running despite the winterish cold day 🙂

More adventures to follow, in the next few weeks 🙂

Volleyball Skills

A huge well done to Adi and Masafumi for their performance today in the Volleyball Match. Representing CDL is always an achievement to be proud of and they do it with pride and skill. Check these images out 😉

We keep going with the Wellbeing Programme!

Yesterday evening we started with the second Pillar of the Wellbeing Programme: Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity. Adi, our Advocate of Leman, presented the challenge related to Race and Ethnicity. Our boys have to find the similarities they have with their roommates and record a video or an audio.

We will see what they find!

Back to the weekend activities after the October Break!

Even though it rained, and it was very windy this weekend, this did not stop the boys from getting back to their weekend activities. They have resumed activities such as tennis, cooking, climbing… They have also returned to chess, running and history clubs. This weekend they had handball as a different activity. But they have also had a day trip to the oldest chocolate factory in Switzerland, they have visited Maison Cailler, where they have been able to taste some of their chocolates, even the cocoa beans after having gone through the roasting process.

What a weekend have had our Leman boys. The bad weather does not stop these guys to keep on doing things.

Guitar improptu

We were immensely proud of Adi for playing guitar in our monthly assembly last evening. Guitar is one of his passions and Adi gifted us with a showcase of his talent, since he had little notice to prepare his performance, a technical version of “Take me to church” by Hozier. Real artists are like this, willing to step up when needed… The show must go on 🙂 Well done Adi, and thank you

What an amazing experience! October trip to Vietnam and Cambodia!

We are glad to see again our two students, Leon and Esteban, who came back from Vietnam and Cambodia yesterday. They had the amazing opportunity to discover typical dishes, sumptuous landscapes and an enriching culture. They embarked in a journey full of discoveries, altruism and activities, from visiting parks to canoeing, they had the possibility to enjoy their stay in a foreign country rich of surprises.

Welcome back !!!


We are delighted to say that the boarding house is now reopened for our amazing students ! We hope that everyone had a restful break with their family. We look forward for this new term where we are going to celebrate Halloween, do a pumpkin carving competition and the Chrismas dance ! A lot of fun incoming !

Clash of the Titans – Boarders vs Day Students


Whoever attended the match yesterday evening, witnessed a great Basketball game between fierce players and passionate talents. A bittersweet ending as our boys lost but were proud about how they played together even though they do not practice regularly as an official team every week. Sportsmanship and mutual respect on the court was beautiful to see and the boys walked out with a to-be-continued feeling …

As our prefect put it after the match ” We are warming up for the season”. The next match will indeed be thrilling!




5km Run!! Well done to everyone!!

This Sunday saw the CDL Boarding 5km run, as part of the first pillar of our Wellbeing Programme – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds. The Run was an opportunity for everyone, whatever their running ability, to challenge themselves and achieve something special.

It was a brilliant atmosphere and we would like to congratulate everyone who took part – we are very proud of everyone’s achievements!


Weekend Activities!!

Our incredible activities programme was back in full force this weekend, and lots of the Léman boys were able to enjoy a wide range of fun activities. These included: Tennis, Horse-Riding, Running, Chess, Golf, Sailing, Climbing and Handball!!

Happy Bithday Jinde!!

Today we celebrate the 16th Birthday of Jinde, one of our boys. We gather as always with some friends in the kitchen and eat some cake, but this time was not chocolate as always, tonight we have RASPBERRY CAKE!!

What a delicious cake and awesome celebration!!