Jambo Tanzania!

This Easter break, we set off on an exciting adventure to Tanzania. Our first week was joined by fellow students from various Nord Anglia Schools and took part in a lot of meaningful activities. We rolled up our sleeves and contributed to the community by helping construct a school, goat sheds, and installing solar lighting. The sense of accomplishment we felt, knowing our efforts made a tangible difference, was truly heartwarming.

The thrill continued as we ventured on a safari, coming within an astonishing five meters of a wild lion! It was equally thrilling to forge new friendships with students from other schools, sharing stories and experiences that enriched our journey.

The second week offered us a needed rest on the sun-soaked beaches of Zanzibar. After the rewarding yet exhausting first week, we embraced this time to celebrate our hard work. Diving into the local history and engaging with the Zanzibar community added layers of fun and learning to our relaxation.

Reflecting on our time in Tanzania, it’s clear that this journey was not just a trip but a profound life experience that will remain with us forever. It was truly an amazing adventure.



Spring break

As the days grow longer and the air fills with the sweet promise of warmer weather, it’s time for us to bid adieu to the winter season and embrace the vibrant spirit of spring. To all our cherished boarding students, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a sensational and rejuvenating spring break ahead!

The past few months have been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with unforgettable memories and remarkable achievements. From exhilarating mountain weekends to captivating drama performances, our boarding community has truly embraced the spirit of adventure, creativity, and camaraderie.


We wish you all a wonderful spring break!

CDL Boarding Theatre Production

This evening on campus we held the first Boarding Theatre Production. It was pleasure to see all the incredible performances from the entire cast, which included three of our very own Léman boys. Congratulations to everyone who was involved, and thank you for providing us with an evening of quality entertainment.

Last weekend with activities before the spring break

This weekend, despite the uncertain weather, we were able to enjoy a spring weekend full of activities.

As usual, we had tennis, climbing, running club, chess club, eSports club and cooking. This weekend, it was time to make cupcakes. We again had the opportunity to practice our baskets in Basketball and as a new addition, we had boxing, which the kids really enjoyed.

This weekend was the last weekend of the ski club, our boys are sad, but they thoroughly enjoyed it and made new memories with their friends in Verbier.

As a special activity, some of them went to the spa to relax at the end of the semester, which was as relaxing and enjoyable as it should be.

It was also time to rehearse and put the finishing touches in the drama club for Tuesday’s premiere performance at Boarding!


Musical composition – Mykhail’s hidden talent

Mykhail continues to love producing Music, especially electronic compositions in a Rock/Metal style. He says that while he is exploring and creating Musical ideas, it helps him disconnect from daily study routines and also to be more in contact with friends back home in Ukraine where they exchange ideas and musical tips with one another. This is a very personal hobby and he generally composes for himself but we have encouraged Mykhail to share more of his work and even produce an album to showcase within Boarding.

For now, one of his recent compositions that you can listen below:


We look forward to that album Mykhail !!

Planespotting – a Hobby that turned into a Passion

Since Stefan came to Switzerland he has not stopped pursuing his passions, one of them being Photography. Besides having weekly classes where he has the opportunity to deepen the lens on the physical and digital operation of film, he also really enjoys planespotting during his free time, spending afternoons in the airport admiring these jets.

This was the case for yesterday as Stefan woke up very early and left for Zurich where he spent the day waiting for his favourite planes. From the hundreds of captures he got he was happy with these two shots showcased below. It is inspiring to hear his descriptions about the challenges he faces to find the right moment, angle and plane for a shot …


Nowruz Mubarak


The Leman Boarding House wishes a Happy Nowruz that shines as bright as the warm Spring Sun we now have coming from behind the clouds. May this new year bring lots of success and happiness !!


CDL Day – The Grand Prix!!

It was that time of year again …… CDL Day!!

To celebrate the occasion, the annual Grand Prix running race took place on campus.

Congratulations to all the Léman boys who took part in this fantastic event, which was held in support of the Food Prints Awareness charity. The atmosphere and support was immense, and we are proud of all the effort put in from the runners! Well done boys!!

Charity Football Tournament !

We are so happy to say that many of our boys played at the Charity Football Tournament this evening. They had the chance to compete between houses and show their talent, while contributing to the fund raising. We always are glad to see them being so involved in our community. Amazing job boys !

Plenty more weekend activities for the Léman boys!!

Spring is upon us and the Léman boys took full advantage of the blue skies and beautifully fresh weather this weekend.

There were plenty of opportunities for the students to enjoy a vast amount of sports and activities this weekend. Some of the acitivities on offer included; Tennis, Climbing, Running, Handball, Boxing, Pilates, and many more!!

Philosophy Society Journal

The Spring Seasonal Issue of the Philosophy Society Journal is now out. Once again we feel inspired by Otabek’s participation and interest about the perhaps most ancient human science, so linked to our human nature.

Feel free to explore this issue.


Ramadan Mubarak

As the journey begins tonight we have prepared a festive breakfast for our Leman boys. We offer our support and care in the following month along their path.

Wishes of a Blessed Ramadan to all.

Another amazing weekend in Leman

This weekend has been another full weekend of activities, clubs and fun. Our boys have been able to play tennis, cook with the chef, climb the indoor climbing wall, participate in the running club, and even practice a bit of basketball. On Sunday, we again had the opportunity to enjoy the snow in Verbier with the ski club, where they had a great time. As usual, they participated in the eSports club where they play Fortnite and Fifa, practicing against each other in tournaments, and in the Chess Club where they continued to improve their strategies. As a special activity they have made an escape room, some have been fast enough and others have been at the gates of finishing it and escaping.

International Women’s Day March

This Friday was 8 March, International Women’s Day. This weekend, a march was organized to support the feminist movement. We all marched through the streets of Versoix wearing purple t-shirts to remember the work that has been done so far and what still needs to be done.

Geneva Motor Show

This weekend, our students had the fantastic opportunity to visit the annual Geneva Motor Show. The spectacle was as impressive as ever with many incredible cars on display. The Léman boys who attended the outing, said they enjoyed it very much.

The amazing trip to Winter Wonderland

I think Finland was very good, I really enjoyed this trip. On the first day, we saw the aurora borealis in the early hours of the morning, but what I still remember is wearing snowshoes to hike a small mountain. These snowshoes were so large that increased the force area, so it was not easy to fall into the snow. Every day there was free time to go out with friends,  do some activities, play some games or go to the sauna. I went to it with my friends one evening so we can get rid of the day’s fatigue. My conclusion is that the school trip to Finland was amazing.

Math Competition in Vienna

Last weekend, Apollo, Ignacy and I went on a “trip” to Vienna. It was not only a trip but also for the maths competition ISMTF. On Saturday, we spent our whole day in Vienna university with a lot of people from other international schools. We did both individual and team rounds. The competition was very intense as we have to solve 5 problems in 10 minutes. When the result was being released, we hold our breath. Apollo and I both got Top 10 out of 195! We were so happy to have this result in our first year. It was such a great experience!


The Winter Camp in Crans Montana

A hugely successful week for 70 Boarding and Day students in Crans-Montana. Staff and students enjoyed an action packed week of skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating and more.

A big thank you to the Camps Department for organising such a fun and exciting program!

February break

We will back shortly, after a quick week to recharge batteries.

Many of the boys are now heading home, quite a few lucky ones are heading to Crans-Montana for the Winter Camp… and one very lucky boy from Léman is heading to the Artic Circle on the exciting Finland trip.

We will back with news, photos and accounts of their adventures.

Until then, enjoy this time 🙂

The Léman team


Last weekend before the February Break!

This weekend we had our usual activities again. Our boys took part in tennis, climbing and horse riding. They also went to running, chess, history and drama clubs. This weekend there was also ski club, this time they went to Verbier. New this weekend was the eSports club where several of them got together to play Fortnite and Fifa as a team. As you can see, we have activities for everyone. The boys have had time to rest and enjoy their last weekend before the holidays.