Happy Holidays from Léman 1

And there we have it, we have reached the end of term 1. It has been jam packed with fun and success. We would like to say thank you and well done to all our boys for working hard and for being a pleasure to be with in the Boarding House. We wish everyone a fantastic and restful break with their friends and families and we will see you all in January.

Fête de l’Escalade / Marmite

On Saturday we celebrated “L’Escalade” a traditional Genève festival that celebrates the victory of the Geneva republic against the Savoy’s Army in 1602. Each year we buy a chocolate marmite full of candies. By tradition, the youngest and the eldest person in the room smash it.

For more information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%27Escalade

Christmas Dinner 2021

This weekend we had our annual Christmas Dinner. A lovely opportunity for the whole Boarding Community to come together and have a formal evening. The students dressed very smartly and we had some beautiful food.

Boarding Award Ceremony

This week we had our Boarding Award Ceremony to celebrate some of the achievements made during 1st Semester. We acknowledged those in each House who showed outstanding enthusiasm, motivation, and involvement in the Boarding programme.

Winning the Boarding Life award were Gabriel and Karim. Both these boys are polite, respectful, and courteous to both their peers and staff. They are held in high regard amongst their peers. They are happy and willing to assist the House Parents and often take on extra responsibilities within the house.

Winning the Activity Awards were Ablaikhan and Hector. These boys enthusiastically participate in the afternoon activity schedule along with enjoying the sports facilities on offer during social time in the evenings. They also eagerly participate in the weekend programme, taking advantage of the trips on offer or the activities offered.

Finally, we also awarded those students who achieved the highest grades in their year. We were very proud that Gabriel and Nadim achieved these awards.




The Geneva Escalade

Coinciding with Swiss traditions, the annual Geneva Escalade running race took place this weekend. Kosei, Iman and Vlad from Léman 1 took part and ran an impressive 5km. The boys did really well and can all be very proud of themselves!


Weekend activities

The Léman 1 boys got the opportunity to take part in the wide range of activities we have on offer this weekend, including ice skating, boxing, tennis, running, cooking and basketball. A fun, action packed weekend.

Community Service and Charity

On our journey for Pillar 2– this week we explored Community Service and Charity.

This is something we are incredibly passionate about in the Boarding Community. It is a way for us to give our time, energy, love and support to those in need or who are less fortunate. It is an important educational moment for students to learn empathy for others and to appreciate the position we are in and how we can use it to spread kindness.

We had our Boarding Counsellor come to give an introduction to Empathy. In her conversation, we concluded that empathy is the first step in making us sensitive to the importance of community service. When we help others, we express our empathy. When we help others it is the best way to combat social differences, and it also gives us a glimpse of the meaning of life from a perspective that is sometimes completely opposite to ours.

This week Dias gave the presentation.

Fun Filled Weekend

This past weekend was another busy one. With plenty of activities on offer for the students to take part in. We had our usual offering of tennis, Cooking, Running, Volleyball, Climbing, Photography, Woodworks, Baking, Chess, Biking and Zumba. However this weekend we also had the charity events of Samedi du Partage a trip to Gruyere and our Community Service.

Discrimination and Diversity

For this week’s part of our Pillar 2, we focused on Discrimination and Diversity.

Understanding the context and environment in which bullying (and any other types of discrimination) occurs is a key factor in combating bullying. The opposite of ‘discrimination and bullying’ is ‘diversity and tolerance’. This is something we try to celebrate and encourage in Boarding.

This week Hector did our presentation.

Cultural diversity, Ethnic diversity, Religious diversity, Age diversity, Gender diversity, Sexual orientation, Disability diversity and many more, are just some of the ways we need to be more open, tolerant and compassionate to others. If on the one hand, we should promote diversity in all these areas, we also need to be aware of the possibility of discrimination in each of these areas. The above list also enables us to have a clearer understanding of the various situations in which discrimination occurs in society. It does exist and it is easy to find it when we participate or engage in any of these fields.

Charity- Gift Box Appeal

Keeping Pillar 2 in mind, one way of promoting diversity and protecting others is to think of those less fortunate and who we can help. We, therefore, felt that for Christmas we could do gift boxes for those in other countries who are desperately in need of even the basic essentials, plus a little treat for the festive season.

The Boarding Community came together financially but more importantly with their time, energy and love to create these boxes.

Volleyball Success

This weekend the school had their first internal volleyball tournament. This was well represented by Leman 1 in which we had 7 students participating. As our students were mixed in different teams which means some more success than others, however, we still had Leman 1 players in the winning team!

Community Service

This weekend we continued our weekly Community Service by tidying up our campus and the local area. We feel we have a duty to care for where we live and the land we borrow from nature. It is important for students to be able to give their time and energy and take this moment to reflect. Everything that they pick up, has been dropped by another person. If only we all took responsibility for our own trash and recycled it, we would all be living in a better place.


Pillar 2- Promoting Diversity and Protecting Against Bullying.

Following on from Pillar 1. We have embarked on our second Pillar.

Under the umbrella phrase of “Promoting Diversity and Protecting Against Bullying” we wish to focus on two takeaway points;

Bullying happens in different social settings – deals with the fact that bullying is not just related to racism and physical violence. It can be found in a lot of different social contexts and takes place for various reasons. It links with discrimination, and it is one way of expressing it.

Diversity: how can we work together? – As an opposite to discrimination we have diversity and all the options we have available to tighten our bonds and learn more about each other, again in a whole lot of different settings. Community Service and Charity allow us to perceive the world and people from a different perspective and encourage us to fight our stereotypes while at the same time granting us the possibility of working together for common causes.


Well done, Gabriel!!

Gabriel got on stage and spoke in front of the whole Boarding community this week to talk about the incredible work he did over the summer for wildlife preservation. We are incredibly proud of Gabriel’s passion for taking care of the environment and the work he did was amazing and very important.