Bake-Off House Competition 🍰

Baking is a nice different way to spend the weekend, but if this moment is shared with friends, music, having fun and as preparation for a House Competition, it can be really amazing 😍

Since the beginning of the week Aliki has taken charge of the Bake-Off House Competition, making a list of all the ingredients needed and last weekend, with the help of Valentina and Daliya, has prepared a great colorful cake.

Everyone is very happy and proud of the result… we just have to wait to know who is the winner 🤞🏼🧡

🥇 First place in the Senior Girls volleyball tournament 🥳

Valentina and some girls from the other houses have been selected to participate to the Senior Girls volleyball tournament which have taken place in Warsaw last weekend and they won the first place.

Congratulations for this victory. Vale, well done! We are very proud of you!🎉😘

Samedi du partage 🥰

The “Samedi du Partage” is a specific day dedicated to promoting solidarity and sharing with people in need. The aim is to encourage people in doing positive actions by sharing food, time, or skills to make a difference in the lives of other people.

We are really proud of Manuela who, in the early morning of today and with a big smile on her face, went to Aldi with 3 other students to take part in this very generous initiative to donate some food to people who really need it.


Gergana’s incredible acting skills 😍💥💓

Last Tuesday a very nice  performance took place in Eiger Auditorium. It exuded an enthusiasm that electrified the atmosphere, captivating the audience with an unwavering passion that radiated through every movement and expression. 🤩

Indeed our sweet Gergana showed her incredible acting skills and the audience was utterly astonished when witnessing such an extraordinary acting talent. It was like uncovering a hidden treasure, leaving everyone in awe of the sheer brilliance displayed on stage. ✨✴️😍

After this magnific show Gergana has been asked to take part in the other upcoming events of the year, so we are really looking forward to see her on stage again! 🎇

Feliz cumpleaños, Cami 🎁

Yesterday our dear Camila had a birthday full of wonderful moments 😍🤗 starting from her parents surprise of the balloons with a touching birthday message, a dinner with her dearest friends, ending then with some time spent with her New Portena family to eat all together the birthday cake 🍰🎉

Happy birthday again, Cami ❤️ Feliz cumpleaños! 😘

Wrapping Love: CDL’s Gift Box Activity

This Sunday, the 19th of November, marked a heartwarming event at CDL—the Gift Box Wrapping activity. After gathering donations from our boarders a few weeks ago for the Gift Box Appeal, it was time to transform those contributions into beautifully wrapped gifts.

Leading the charge on this compassionate project were Bice, Sayuri, and Hanna, alongside the dedicated efforts of Coco, Ingrid, Mei Mei, Paulina and Melissa among our New Portena Girls. Together, they brought warmth and joy to the season, showcasing the spirit of giving and camaraderie.

This initiative is another step in our #NewPortenaJourney, a journey that embraces not only diversity and unity but also extends a helping hand to those in need. Stay tuned for more updates on our collective efforts to make a positive impact in the world. 🎁✨

A Rainy Adventure at Europapark: #NewPortenaJourney

Last weekend, Ana Cristina, Darina, Manuela, Yufei, Adela, Valentina, Giuliana, Lulu, and Janelis embarked on a thrilling #NewPortenaJourney to Germany’s Europapark. Despite the rain, the girls laughed, braved crazy rides, and made unforgettable memories. Here’s to the joy of spontaneous adventures and the bond that turns rain-soaked days into endless fun! ☔🎢

13th November 2023: Odd Socks Day in Collège du Léman

The new week has started with today, November 13, the “Odd Socks Day” in Collège du Léman.

This day is an important part of the second pillar of the school wellbeing program about which New Portena girls are continuing to work on by preserving a culture of respect, inclusion, and empathy, and reducing the negative impact of bullying on individuals and communities.