Soccer game Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon a long-awaited soccer match finally took place on the artificial pitch in front of Olympus. Despite having to respect social distancing, everyone enjoyed a wonderfully played match with high intensity.

Thank you to Olympus, Concha, Léman, Villa du Lac, Champs des Bois for their great effort and motivation!!!

Freshly baked bread Sunday morning for the Olympus boys!!

Due to the new, restrictions, the kitchen has been partly closed, and the only equipment that can be used by students is the kettles and the microwave. As our boys enjoy to cook, we decided to give them the feeling of it by serving homemade bread loafs for them, served on individual plates. They enjoyed it a lot. Bon appétit!

A game of Catan

We have had the pleasure to have a few more boys back in the House. It has been great to see them all again, and we are all looking forward to having more back over the weekend. Despite the new restrictions, we have been able to enjoy and have some great moments together as we did before the confinement.

Friday evening the boys enjoyed the strategy game, Catan where players collect resources and use them to build roads, settlements, and cities on their way to victory. Toma took the lead throughout most of the game but Mr. Javier took the longest straw and ended first after a 2 hours intense game. Congratulations!