❄️ Winter Ball! 🎊

This past Saturday 10th all the students of the CDL Boarding School celebrated our annual Winter Ball.

All the students had a great time having dinner, dancing and enjoying themselves with their mates and friends. This is how we celebrated the end of term and the arrival of the Winter Holidays.

Here are some of the best photos and videos taken of our Olympus students.


The Olympus Boarding School and all the staff of the CollΓ©ge du Leman wish you all a good end of 2022 and a good start for the new year!

πŸŽ‰ Fun Weekend ❄️

This weekend was the last weekend of the year, so it was very special. Our students had a great time at the boarding school activities.

All of this culminated in our traditional Winter Ball, where all Boarding School students celebrated the end of the semester with lots of fun.

In these photos, we can see Navidreza with other children from different Boarding Housespreparing a delicious meal, as part of the cooking workshop.

Adi (pictured), Ryu and Murat went to their weekly tennis lesson to improve their racket skills.

As every week, Aleksei (photo left), Herman (picture right) and Dymtro spent a few hours hanging from boulders in the climbing class.

Artem and Nikolai came, as they do every Sunday, to the Chess Club, where the smartest minds in the school help each other to improve their strategic thinking.


Finally, the whole Boarding House celebrated “La Marmite de l’Escalade 1602”, a traditional Geneva event. Adi and Boris, as the youngest and oldest pupils respectively, were in charge of breaking the chocolate jar.


Pillar 2: Respecting Diversity

This week Olympus came together to make a video on Pillar 2. There is a lot of diversity among us in the House. We come from a range of different countries and backgrounds. This gives us a variety of different beliefs, morals and values. At the beginning of the year, sometimes the differences between us are what are the most obvious. It takes time for us to get to know each other, show tolerance and openness. Once we do, we see we have similarities and things in common despite our differences.

We wanted to demonstrate this in a video to highlight how among Olympus there are still things we share in common and shared goals.

Ginger Bread Competition

We continued the fun of the House Competitions with a Ginger Bread House Build.

From Olympus we had Nikita, Boris and Adam constructing ours. While all the other houses went for the traditional cottage build we wanted to go above and beyond and created a Mansion.

@thatboardingvibe Ginger Bread House Competition #thatboardingvibe #gingerbreadhouse #gingerbreadman #gingerbreadhousechallenge #boardingcompetition ♬ The Gingerbread House – Teresa Brewer

Fun Awards Night

This week we had our Boarding Award Ceremony to celebrate some of the achievements made during 1st Semester. We acknowledged those in each House who showed outstanding enthusiasm, motivation, and involvement in the Boarding Activity program. We also had an award for Boarding Life, for those who exhibited all the qualities we would wish for in a global citizen and who are good role models through their actions within the boarding community.

Winning the Boarding Life award were James, Louis, Billy and Otabek. These boys are polite, respectful, and courteous to both their peers and staff. They are held in high regards within the House. They are happy and willing to assist the House Parents and often take on extra responsibilities within the house. They also willingly volunteer their time to help others and to participate in the Boarding House events.

From Olympus, winning the Activity Awards were Tim, Alexandre, Temur and Maksim. These boys enthusiastically participate in the afternoon activity schedule along with enjoying the sports facilities on offer during social time in the evenings. They also eagerly participate in the weekend program, taking advantage of the trips on offer or the activities offered.

We also acknowledged those boys who have done well academically this year and were proud that so many from Olympus were represented. Well done to Wenyan, Kaishu, Guanchen, Bruno and Adi


Fun weekend: πŸ€ β™Ÿ πŸ§— and Escalade race

This weekend has been a special one. Our students have been involved in many activities:

First, Adi played basketball on Friday. This same day, Dmytro and Herman went to Europa Park. They have had a wonderful weekend there.

Secondly, Aleksei and Maksim had a great time climbing on Saturday.

On Sunday, on the one hand, Christiaan and Artem had a nice chess time. On the other hand, James represented very well Olympus in the Escalade race.

Europa Park Fun

This week the students were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Europa Park. It is a very fun and magical place but even more so when decorated for Christmas.