Fun Ahead

As we dive into Semester 2 we are all excited about what is to come. This week in our Welcome Back assembly we shared with the students all the opportunities open to them this upcoming semester. With everyone refreshed after the holidays, many have come back with new motivations and ambitions. We want to capitalise on this and help the students achieve their goals.

Every weekend we will of course have our normal multitude of activities available for the boys to choose from and we will continue to share this schedule with you each week so you can help motivate them.

We will also be having our two Mountain Weekends in Fiesch which is a new location for us and the weather promises some good snowfall before our arrival.

We had another House Dinner this week in which we got to enjoy some Indian food and ate together in Olympus.

Each week we will also continue to have our International Dinner to celebrate a different country and the diversity in our community.

We also have the trips to Barcelona and Rome this month and next.

This week also started us on Pillar 3  of the Wellbeing Programme where we will be focusing on Positive Friendships.

There is plenty to keep everyone entertained and active and we look forward to 2023.