🤩 Fun weekend 🧗‍♂️🎾⛳

Olympus students had a great weekend engaging in various outdoor activities that allowed them to stay active and have fun.

Climbing is an exciting activity that requires physical strength and mental focus. Aleksei, Maksim, and Herman enjoyed their climbing experience. It can be a challenging sport, but it is also very rewarding to push oneself to new heights (literally!).

Tennis is another popular sport that can be enjoyed individually or with friends. It requires coordination, strategy, and quick reflexes, so it is wonderful that Bohdan and Ayu had a wonderful time playing tennis. It is always fun to get some exercise while also socializing with friends.

Golf is a sport that requires precision and patience, and it’s awesome that Otabek and Adi had a great time playing together. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the golf course.

Overall, Olympus students had a great weekend exploring their interests and trying out new activities.

International Dinner

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🌻 ☀️ 🌼 Last weekend before Spring Break! 😁

This weekend, the last one before the Easter holidays, our boys from Olympus did not sit still. On the contrary, they enjoyed the multiple activities and sports they are used to. Tennis, badminton, chess, climbing… from Friday to Sunday, our students made sure to keep their bodies and minds moving.

Below are some of the photos we have selected to illustrate it:

As you can see in the photos, Bohdan (left) and Nikolai (right) did not want to miss their regular tennis lessons. This weekend they focused on improving their return skills. Week after week, our two students are slowly turning into real professionals.


Similarly, Aleksei, Herman (both pictured) and Ilya exercised their grip skills by climbing some of the most difficult boulders possible. As we all know, climbing is one of the best sports for developing all the muscles in a very balanced way, and our students did not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of these benefits.


As part of this weekend’s special activity, our Olympus boys, Läel and Adi, went to Geneva to watch a football match. Our local team, Servette FC, won, fortunately, 2-1 against BSC Young Boys, a team from the capital, Bern. Thus, our students were able to enjoy the match and cheer on our local young players.


And we cannot end this blogspot without mentioning other students who took part in the activities. Otabek, Murat, Richard and Ayu improved their badminton skills on Friday, as did Tim and Louis in basketball. And Artem exercised his mind at his regular chess club meeting on Sunday.