Thai-m to Spice Things Up: A Culinary Voyage Without Leaving Leman!

On Wednesday, the Leman Dining room transcended its usual charm to become a vibrant corner of Thailand. This transformation was not merely about food but a celebration of the rich international tapestry that makes up our boarding community. As we stepped into the dining area, it was impossible to miss the traditional Thai adornments that hung gracefully, echoing the intricate patterns and colours reminiscent of Thailand’s illustrious heritage.

To ensure an authentic experience, we brought in external caterers, specialists in Thai cuisine. Their expertise was evident in every bite, as they masterfully blended the quintessential sweet, sour, spicy, and umami flavours that Thai food is celebrated for.

In essence, our Thai night at the Leman Dining room was more than just a meal; it was a tantalizing treat for the senses and a heartwarming reminder of the beauty that lies in embracing and celebrating diverse cultures.