First House Assembly of 2021!!

Yesterday Mr.Usher gave the first Boarding assembly of the New Year. Virtually of course. Wellbeing Pillar 3 was introduce also; Building positive friendships


Mr.Tom presents Michel with the house cup, he is accepting it on behalf of Grade 9. Grade 9 came out victorious in last months race to the top of Mount Olympus!


Michel proud as punch!!

End of year Winter dinner

This weekend we had our end of year winter dinner. It is a great way to celebrate all the hard work our students put in during the year. The boys all dressed up and looked super smart on the night!!

Here is a little sneak peak of what the boys had last night! It tasted even better than it looked!!

Our House Prefect and House Captain looking a million dollars


Final weekend activities before we break for Christmas

Aoto and Ryunosuke out enjoying the beautiful scenery here in Versoix this morning

Boris helped Loris from Concha complete his first 5k Saturday morning through the woods in Versoix. Over the past few weeks Boris has really shown that he is a true leader and represents Olympus very well

Vova and Francisco accepting the house cup on behalf of G12

Even on the weekends the boys are all contributing to the house duties

Our winners received their boarding awards medals tonight


Boris received the boarding life award for his positive attitude around the house. He is regularly seen helping around the house, helping the boys in concha with their homework, bringing the dinner down to the youngest boys in Cham Des Bois. He is also one of the founding members of our running club here at school. He is a model student.

Francisco received the boarding academic award for his excellent marking period 1 score. Francisco attends study halls each evening when he is not attending activities. He has worked extremely hard this year and truly deserves this award. Good job Francisco!! Keep up the good work!

Iyowuna was one of three who received the boarding activities award. Iyowuna attends photography, 3D illusion drawing and Chinese.

Aoto received a boarding activities award. Aoto attends many activities each week such as badminton, fitness and plays football each evening and weekend. He is an extremely talented young football player with a bright future if he continues to work hard.

Ryunosuke is the final member in our house who received the boarding activities award. Ryunosuke loves to go biking each weekend and plays football every night with Aoto. Ryunosuke is also an extremely good football player!! If he continues to work hard he will be one to watch out for in the future!! The future is looking bright for Japans football teams.

Midweek Madness activities!

Iyowuna working up a sweat on his new skateboard.

Iyowuna practicing his kick-flips. He managed to land a few of them and they looked awesome!!

We had a little 3v3 where the underdogs came out on top winning 4-3!! Arsneii, Ilya U and Mr.Ronan vs Aoto, Ryunosuke and Francisco.

Ryunosuke after hitting the target!! As always

Albion and Mr.Ronan had round two of pool tonight. Albion came out on top this evening. Well played Albion

Wellbeing Wednesday

Covid may restrict us celebrating all together.. We all still managed to celebrate Ilya’s 16th birthday! Happy Birthday Ilya!!


Mr:Rodrigro having an interview with the boys from CDB where he answers some questions in relation to promoting diversity and protecting against bullying, our wellbeing pillar 2 topic.

Grade 9’s wellbeing season where they are watching a video on non-violent communication

Charity Gift Box Appeal – Promoting Diversity

Over the weekend some of our boys went to help prepare presents for this year’s gift box appeal.The annual gift box project is a project where students choose to participate by donating either money or items. This includes items like toothbrush, soap, school supplies, socks, toys, chocolate and etc. Essential items that make their lives easier. The boxes are sent to needy children in orphanages, schools and hospitals in Eastern Europe who are living below poverty.

This is a great event and the boys were delighted to be part of this. It shows that we as a community are willing to help and do something nice for other people, no matter what country or background they come from.

This also means that some of our boys have completed their individual projects for the second Wellbeing Pillar – Protecting against bullying and promoting diversity.

Michel, Nikita, Hamza and LuLu all helping Ms.Lucélia.


Packing the boxes.