Talent show

Tonight we had a talent show which was really good fun.

Every boarding house did a great job of making a video or performing on the stage, it gave a chance for many people to express themselves and share their talents with everyone.  We tried our best and made our video which is attached below (it might not have music because of youtube copyrights and all that kind of stuff.)  Making it was good fun!


Biking and nature walk

Today we took the bikes to the nature reserve. It was very quiet and relaxing. We saw a Coot (bird), Primroses (springtime flowers) and heard lots of frogs – it sounded like they were laughing at us! It was nice to do this and we are lucky we have a place like this so close to our school. I hope we go there again.
Biking Biking coot frog primroses


On Sunday the weather was sunny and nice, so all of Champ-des-Bois went on a biking trip into Versoix. There, we found a nice place to play the traditional french game of “petanque.” It was very interesting and not complicated at all. We had great time doing it and got some fresh air in the process!

cdb petanqe1 cdb petanqe2 cdb petanqe3

Biking – coming soon

In this marking period we are please to have biking again. Today was not a very good day for biking due to the rain. Therefore, we decided to pump the tires of the bikes instead for next time. Gio was the responsible one for the pumping and the others were checking whether the bikes were fine or not. Me and Mauro are new to this activity; we learned how to bike in the beginning of the year and we are excited to show what we have learned! We hope next week the weather will be good to us and we will be able to go for  a ride.cdb biking 01