Congratulation to our champions: Dima, Anatolii, Alexandre, Piero, Alex, Nikon, Tuna, Artem, Egor and Zen! We are proud of you!


“Escalade race was so fun! but it was so cold!! I thought the race was easy but in fact it was much harder than the practice… if I will partecipate to the Escalade next year I will train more! It was really fun: I’d love to run a marathon.”   -ZEN-


Escalade was a very exciting challenge for me. It was cold, a lot of people were running but the atmosphere was friendly. While I was running I thought I could arrive 1st, other people trained more and harder than me. I hope in future I will get the 1st place but I definitely need to train more and more!”  -ANATOLII-


Escalade was a really fun and exciting experience. I ran with my friends and tried my best to do my record in a 4.8 km run. This is a really good activity and it would be nice to do it again!” -PIERO-

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