Wellbeing- Pillar 5- Safe and Responsible Choices

We are now entering our 5th Pillar- Making Safe and Responsible Choices.

This topic traverses every aspect of life and indeed touches nicely on all other Pillars too. As we grow and mature we learn through exposure, experimentation and making sense of our surroundings. Adolescence is an important time for this happening and this is what we will be focusing on this Pillar.

The ESSENCE of teen brain and the science behind the decision-making process.

The objectives are to:

  • Debunk some of the most misleading and disempowering myths around adolescence
  • Explore how changes in brain structure during adolescence are just part of natural, innate, and healthy development which simply prepares teens for grown-up life
  • Being aware of this process and honouring this unique and fascinating moment in our life, can help teens and adults (caregivers) alike to support each other
  • Explore how the awareness of upsides and downsides of the different cardinal features of adolescence can help our kids to develop a fully integrated mind, and reduce and contain the risks of harm and serious injuries. At the same time, this awareness can help educators (and parents) to bring a more empathic and compassionate approach when interacting with, looking after, and guiding adolescents during these tumultuous years.

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