Jambo Tanzania!

This Easter break, we set off on an exciting adventure to Tanzania. Our first week was joined by fellow students from various Nord Anglia Schools and took part in a lot of meaningful activities. We rolled up our sleeves and contributed to the community by helping construct a school, goat sheds, and installing solar lighting. The sense of accomplishment we felt, knowing our efforts made a tangible difference, was truly heartwarming.

The thrill continued as we ventured on a safari, coming within an astonishing five meters of a wild lion! It was equally thrilling to forge new friendships with students from other schools, sharing stories and experiences that enriched our journey.

The second week offered us a needed rest on the sun-soaked beaches of Zanzibar. After the rewarding yet exhausting first week, we embraced this time to celebrate our hard work. Diving into the local history and engaging with the Zanzibar community added layers of fun and learning to our relaxation.

Reflecting on our time in Tanzania, it’s clear that this journey was not just a trip but a profound life experience that will remain with us forever. It was truly an amazing adventure.



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