Summer Time!

What a year it has been! Good work everyone.

To our Graduates and leaving students, we will miss you and remember you fondly.

To our returning students, we will miss you as well…but see you next year!

See you in August!

Shot In The Dark.

After a rainy day, the boys took advantage of the calmer evening weather and went out onto the astroturf to play some football.

As it’s Sunday, they also had to play and communicate fairly quietly, which was definitely a challenging experience.

As you can see, visibility was less than ideal.

So dark goalkeeper Dias couldn’t find the goal.

Karim, Dias, Timur, HHECtor, Iman and Mark after leaving the goal in the dryer for a bit too long.

Running Man!

Ablai once again got himself up this morning, even AFTER doing leg day the previous day, and went for a 4 km run with Mr. Joe and the rest of the Running Club crew.

Running past the Mies roundabout, looping back to CDL

The final result. Good job boys!

Baking You Crazy!

We had quite a large group of boys in cooking today – in fact Leman 1 dominated the second time slot. As a result, the house was chock full of chocolate and lemon/vanilla cupcakes.

Some colorful icing to add an element of surprise when you bite in – will it be chocolate or lemon?

Henry and Zihao mentally preparing for the task ahead.

Amirhossein and Junqi take making cupcakes very seriously.

Summer Resonance

This evening, CDL students of various ages gathered together to put on a series of musical performances and showcase the skills they have been developing this year – including three of our boys Gabriel, Amirhossein and Ilian.

The Dynamic Duo, Ilian (drums) and Gabriel (bass/vocals)

Amirhossein on drums with the Olympus boys Murat (xylophone) and David (

Contemplative Drumming

The Staff Choir performing Bohemian Rhapsody

Round 2 for our resident songbird

Get with the Program!

International Day Success!

Today we celebrated our diverse community here at CDL with International Day!

As a result of world events, this is the first time in a few years that we have been able to hold this event, and the return was a resounding success.

By the time I managed to get to the Chinese and Japanese food stalls, organized in part by some of our Leman 1 students, they had been completely sold out!

If only Weihao was as good at League as he was at running the Chinese food stall!

Masanobu, Aoto and Taichi grinding out some shaved ice. Yoku Yatta!

Don’t be fooled, Shintaro is having the time of his life!

Fired Up And Ready To Grill!

This evening, Leman 1 and Leman 2 barbecued together to celebrate the birthday of our dear Mr. Antonio from Leman 2!

Mr. Rogerio and the suspiciously ever youthful Mr. Antonio grilling up a storm…does anyone have any garlic?

Invading their oh-so-delicious space.

Henry digging in with abandon

Ablai’s Weekly Run

This morning, Ablai once again joined Mr. Joe from Olympus for a 5km run. He was fairly tired already and it was a blisteringly hot day, but he pushed on.

We would like to commend him for his perseverance and tenacity!

Good job Ablai, we’re proud of you!


Puttin’ On The Ritz

This sunny Sunday afternoon, a bunch of our 10th graders headed to the Golf de la Vieille-Bâtie and spent the afternoon on the course.

Carlos checking if Amirhossein is real, while Amir tees up.

Carlos baffled by Baudelio’s existence as well.

International Dinner Night!

It is International Dinner Night ladies and gentleman!

This balmy Wednesday evening we had the opportunity to enjoy some food generously provided by Chef Marie-Noelle from Le Chef Dodo.

Chef Marie-Noelle

Bon Appetit!

Virtuoso Ablai

This evening, during our Boarding Assembly, Ablai played Claire de Lune by Debussy.

And what an excellent job he did! He has practiced diligently for days and it showed!

Laser focus.

Look at that smile!

The Leman Menace

On this day, the Fourth of May,

Leman Old Glories came to play,

With Leman 1, to see who would stay,

In our Boarding Football Tournament!

The Leman Old Glories (plus Chihana!)

Keep your friends close….

After an arduous game in the rain and a tight first half, Leman 1 came out ahead with a score of  6 – 3!

Paddling Away!

This evening was the first round of our Boarding Ping-Pong Tournament.

Amirhossein represented Leman 1 in the first round and went up against Herman from Concha.

Eid Mubarak!

Ramadan is over, and our own Amirhossein is celebrating the end of his 30 days and 30 nights fast by enjoying a meal with his friends.

Nadim got a pizza too!

We ordered some Iranian kebabs, rice and drinks to make him feel more at home.

The Art of Service

Today, the boarding volleyball team represented Collège du Léman in an intermural volleyball tournament which involved teams from the American School of Leysin and La Châtaigneraie.

Two of our boys – Tomohisa and Amirhossein – are a part of the team.

After a series of intense and incredibly tight matches, they took Second Place!

Spick and Span

Today our boys joined the Community Service group and helped keep our campus clean and beautiful.

The Crew (minus Karim), bellies full from brunch and ready to go. Especially Dias!

Carlos and Tima, doing their part.

Karim, looking dapper as always.


Alan, Ablai and Shintaro spent a beautiful morning at the Geneva Golf Academy in Collex-Bossy to fire off a few rounds on the driving range.

Alan, giving it a whack.

Ablai, working on his form.

Shin (left) keeping his eyes on the prize.

The boys getting some pointers.

Racket Science

Weihao, Henry and Kosei went to play a few rounds of badminton with our own Mr. Max this morning, helping him to get his step count in!

Mr. Max vs Henry

Weihao vs Kosei

Morning Run

Today, Ablai, along with some of our other students, went for a brisk 4km run in the morning sun with Mr. Roger from Leman 2.

Ablaikhan, chasing the sun.

Absolute winners!

Spring colors in the fields behind CDL.

The International House of Pancakes

Saturday morning, we broke out the griddle and made ourselves some pancakes, with blueberries and white chocolate toppings.

Karim’s pancake waiting dance

The look when it’s taking too long…and when he finds out that sharing is caring.

The pancake aroma wafted out our windows and caught the attention of Aryan, one of the Concha boys.

More denizens of CDL called to Leman 1 by the aroma. Mr. Jakob from Olympus and Rakaan from Leman 2 joined us in our feast of the cakes of pan.

If there’s anything that 5 people (including myself) of varying ages and backgrounds can agree on, it’s that pancakes are delicious.


Our resident prefect Iman spent Saturday morning brushing up on his tennis skills alongside his fellow Persian Aryan.

Aryan, that’s not a tennis ball…