A Typical Saturday at CDL

Yilun and Mathieu headed up to Saint-Cergue for the day, to go hiking with huskies. The boys headed up with Salvatore and met their local guide, and huskies deep in the Jura Mountain range. The boys were then given their dogs and fitted out with snow shoes, and a harness to control the dogs.

At CDL the boys are given the opportunity to take part in a range of weekend activities! Hiking with huskies is just one of many available this month.

Yilun – “I’m extremely tired, but had a fantastic day! The dogs were very excitable, making for an interesting day!”




Hiking with huskies!

Happy New Year to all Olympus families. We trust you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years.

2016 and the Olympus students are back in the swing of studies and weekend activities.

Sam, Oscar, Oleg and George headed up to the Saint-Cergue for the day on Saturday, for a spot of hiking with huskies! The team made their way up into the Jura mountain range and met their local guide. She showed them how to fit snow shoes and walk with the dogs. These dogs are born to pull! The team had a fantastic day, finished off by a hot chocolate in a local restaurant on the way back to College du Leman.