Boarding House Awards!

In the recent Boarding House Awards Olympus won 8 Medals; winning the second highest amount of medals for a Boarding House and the most amount of medals for a single student. Special mention to Yilun Ma who received the highest grade in Grade 10 (boarding), achieving 4.25/4! An incredible effort.

Boarding Life

Oscar Gomez
Lorenzo Bellon
Yilun Ma


Oscar Gomez
George Kachamila
Yilun Ma


George Kachamila (12/20 in the French Bac Bilingual Section)
Yilun Ma (4.25/4 in the iGCSE English Section)

Shoe boxes!

Today, Olympus created two Shoeboxes for the SOA appeal with the school! The two boxes, at a cost of 80CHF between all students in the house, were jam packed full of goodies! Each box contained pencils, pens, notebooks, teddy bears, tennis balls, cards, toiletries, biscuits and dice. All destined for children in CDLS’s partner school in South Africa.

Oscar Gomez – ‘This process was extremely satisfying and allowed us to work collectively as a house for a good cause! The shoeboxes are destined for children a lot less fortunate than us, and allowed us to work as a team to support the SOA project!’

Dance Battle!

Today was the house competition! Olympus participated well, with special thanks to Veniamin for performing an incredible dance routine for the house, beating Louis Degaillier!


Yesterday 31 of november was haloween! Boarders decorated the house haloween themed. We hope everyone had a very good time!


Mischief in Olympus!

With the Grade 9s away for the evening on their Discovery Days, the house was unusually quiet! We therefore thought we’d attempt some group photos. It quickly descended into chaos!