Cooking Up A Typhoon

Up bright and early, Shiryu whipped up some delicious brownies today in our Cooking activity.

That look when deliciousness fills your nose.

Ruh roh, the batter’s looking a little lumpy…

…chunky brownies are better anyway though!

First Day Of School!

Today was the first day of school for our Concha Students!

It’s going to be quite an interesting year ahead!

Vincent, Andrew, Emir, João, Joseph & Shiryu, bright and early, ready for the day!

Alan, Filippo, Michael, Muhan, Jeff & Ariel getting some morning sun.


Geneva Tour

Our students embarked on a tour of Geneva last Wednesday.

During the tour, they had the opportunity to explore significant monuments and notable spots within this captivating city. As they immersed themselves in the experience, their bonds of friendship began to strengthen.

Rest assured, we will continue to gather and treasure these unforgettable moments.

Treasure Hunt

Our students participated in a treasure hunt as part of our induction activities last Tuesday.

The game proved to be both intriguing and exhilarating for all of them, as they approached it with a strong determination to win.


Visiting Favarger Chocolate Factory

Embarking on a sweet adventure, our school group delighted in a fascinating tour of a chocolate factory. With eyes wide and mouths watering, we witnessed the magical journey from cocoa beans to delectable treats. A sensory experience that left us with smiles as bright as the chocolatey creations we savored!

This hands-on encounter left us with not only a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship but also a bag full of memories and, of course, delectable chocolates to savor.