International Women’s Day 👩💜


She was tired and frustrated

But her task was uncompleted

So she carried on going

As she would not be defeated.

-Ms Moem

Our Boarding community, in commemoration of International Women’s Day, orchestrated a vibrant march that encapsulated the spirit of solidarity and recognition. A group of our dedicated students actively participated by transforming their shirts into a symbolic shade of purple, a colour synonymous with the movement. Brimming with enthusiasm, they embarked on a meaningful walk around Versoix, creating a visual testament to their support for gender equality and empowerment. The event not only showcased the unity within our community but also served as a poignant reminder of the importance of fostering inclusivity and celebrating the achievements of women around the world.

Paris, an Escape Room and an Artist…

This weekend was full of different activities, to say the least.  An excursion to Paris for some and a riddle-filled room for others.  Our boarders had a great time taking full advantage of the available activities, as well as resting and preparing for the coming week!