WATU Winter Concert


This evening our talented Jason took on this Musical challenge and joined the WATU Winter Concert in aid of one of our school’s charities. Whether he was playing or singing, he was enjoying every minute and we are proud he joined his fellow Musicians.

Well done Jason!


Escalade Tradition – Smashing the Marmite

This annual celebration commemorates the successful thwarting of the Duke of Savoy’s attempt to gain control over Geneva. It includes a unique food tradition that involves chocolate.



Each year, the citizens of Geneva take part in the tradition of smashing a chocolate marmite (cauldron). Decorated with the city’s colors — red and yellow, the cauldron also features its coat of arms. People typically smash it on December 12, and there is a specific ritual that accompanies this process. Within a family household, for example, the youngest and the oldest join hands and recite the phrase, “Ainsi périrent (or périssent) les ennemis de la République.” This translates to something like, “Thus perished (or perishes) the enemies of the Republic!” Then, they smash the chocolate cauldron with their clasped fists.



The attack of the Savoyards on Geneva took place during the evening of December 11, 1602. That night, when the soldiers arrived and the church bells sounded the alarm, the citizens of Geneva took it upon themselves to stop the invasion. Legend has it that Mère Royaume, a woman who was cooking a pot of soup, threw her cauldron and its scalding contents out the window to prevent the enemy from advancing. Although a rather violent act, it symbolizes the spirit of the Genevois during this battle. Regular citizens taking the initiative to protect their city! And, succeeding! To honor the occasion, chocolatiers in Geneva began creating cauldrons that are made of chocolate and filled with sweet little marzipan versions of Mère Royaume’s vegetables. The cauldron tradition apparently did not become established until the 1880s.

Thank you to Amir, our Head-boy who read the script of this historical event to our new students who then enjoyed the sweets and the chocolate 🙂



Fencing Tournament

Last Saturday, Liusen took part in a fencing tournament in Martigny. The team won the bronze medal which made us very proud. This has only just begun however our Leman boy has shown immense dedication and we are very happy to see him back in tournaments perfecting his art. We look forward to seeing how his fencing year continues …


Awards Ceremony Semester 1

Léman House was massively represented in the Awards Ceremony for the Semester 1.

Our Boarding House is now with lots of “medalists” for their fantastic achievements in these first few months of the year.

The first award of the night was for Boarding Life. The students who get this award represent the identity of Boarding through their commitment towards others, respect for the rules, sense of community and positive energy. Our winners are Liusen, Adi, Masafumi, Apollo and Léon.

The Activities Award goes to the students who show excellence by making the most of the endless opportunities in terms of evening and weekend activities, who push and challenge themselves to new heights and achievements. These 5 boys, Teo, Ignacy, Stefan, Antoni and Léon are our heroes.

Then we move on with the Academic Awards.

Adi with the best average score in Seconde ( French Section )…

  … Aijuka in Première ( French Section ).

Antonio for the best score in IG2.

Liusen and Apollo in Grade 10 (with the other winners).

Antoni ( with the other winners ) in IB1.

Roi, Amir and Amirhossein for Grade 12 and IBCP2.

A special mention to Jinde and Yosuke for their awards as well in grade 11 and IB2.

We are immensely proud of all of you and are looking forward to seeing everyone get more awards during the year.

Léman Rocks 😀



Course de l’Escalade 2023!!

This past weekend was the 45th edition of the Course de L’Escalade race in Geneva. In spite of the cold weather, our boys ran through the undulating and cobbled old town, showing once again what they are worth. On the way back, we welcomed them with a hot chocolate to recover from the race and the cold. We are very proud of all of them!

International Day of Persons with Disability

Today, 3rd of December, is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and advocates have suggested an initiative. The other day students had to send in their suggestions to improve the houses, now they have to post the suggestions they gave around the house. This way they are all aware of the barriers that people with disabilities can encounter in their daily routine.

First weekend of December!

In this cold weekend that we have had in CDL there have been activities where the boys of Leman have participated. As always we have some of them who have continued to improve their tennis or climbing or horse riding or woodwork skills. They have also continued to participate in the history and chess clubs. As we have entered December and it will soon be Christmas, this weekend it was time to visit the Christmas market in Montreux, one of the most wonderful in Europe.