Degallier Goes Karting !!!


Wentao Relaxed before the race


Jianuo Checking out the competition


Wentoa checking out the oppoistion


Ali Ben signalling the position he is about to come behind Mr Tom


Bernie Eccelstone has competition as Herman considers a life in Formula one. His later lap times show he has nothing to worry about


A beautiful dry track ready for the Louis Degallier boys to do battle


Race tactics being discussed from Team China


Gentlemen start your Engines


Team Louis Degallier Go Karting

As a beautiful weekend blessed us in Versoix, The boys in Louis Degallier are preparing for a day of Tyre smoke and petrol fumes. The house travelled to a Go Karting track in France and battle commenced. Ali Ben had the house believing he had been trained by Lewis Hamilton but after Mr Tom Lapped him twice we saw that this wasn’t the truth. Gleb showed everyone who the real pro was by winning both rounds of Karting, Well Done Gleb.

A great day was had by the whole house and everyone was asking to go again. Mr Tom has promised Ali Ben a rematch once he learns how to drive properly.