Drone Workshop

Today, professional drone pilots introduce our students into the technique and the regulations of these flying devices.

Casper was very confident piloting the drones as he already had experience with them.

Students could try the real time cameras of the the drones.

Sports Day 2018-2019

Last weekend Boarding Houses challenged each other on different sport activities. Louis Dégallier has performed really good having fully participation.

Vlad injects extra boots to his partner in order to achieve the goal.

Yohei and his partner keep the pace before arriving to the obstacles.

Henrique and Jorge very focused at the tennis challenge.

Chenyang and Mike lead the group at tug of war.

Biking at the forest.

Break time for Henrique after a long bike journey.

Louis Degallier are giving a bit back this year!!!!

This year Louis Degallier has decided to try and give a little back to this beautiful area and close community that both the school and the boarding house belong to. So on Sunday morning Vlad, Casper and Henrique went out for 2 hours and Picked up litter in the surrounding area.

They cleaned up 3 rest areas. picking up litter and cigarette ends, making it a nicer place for our neighbours to take in the Jura mountains

There was some house bonding over during the activity.

teamwork was vital in at points.


Max was no help whatsoever……. He just took a bath


We even Found some hidden artwork on or travels


After cleaning the woods, streets and benches around the house and the school the boys were rewarded with that feeling of satisfaction, that they have put a little back into the community we live…….. But they also they got a Nice Big Chocolate Magnum.

Saturday…. The sun was out, so time for a Bike ride!!

Casper, Jorge and Anjie join some of the other boys for a morning of mountain biking around Versoix in the beautiful Swiss countryside.

Casper was enjoying the Sun……. he did ask if we could find some roads without bumps though!!!! Luckily in switzerland that isn’t a problem

Jorge say he loves to mountain bike in Mexico, and he loving the mountain bike tacks in the woods near the school

It was thirsty work, so the boy stop for some Fresh Swiss Spring water