Huskies Are High-Energy and Easily Bored!!Just Like SUSANA

Huskies are loving, gentle, and playful, they do well in families with active children and adults. These dogs tend to be social and relaxed. They also don’t bark much, but do enjoy howling on occasion.

A Husky loves to be in a centre of attention.And today they were as Susana and the rest of our boarders enjoyed hiking with them, an amazing and rewarding experience.


Breathing for your Wellbeing

Breathing: it should be the most natural thing in the world. We do it without thinking, some 20,000 times a day. And from their very first gasp, babies respire as nature intended, ribs expanding, torso rising and falling.

Poor breathing techniques adopted over time are responsible for increasing stress and anxiety, lowering energy levels and even affecting cardiovascular health. The good news, is that we can reverse these effects simply by relearning how to breathe properly.

New Portena Ladies practiced 8 different techniques of breathing and elevated their energy levels.


You are welcome to try …click and breathe

breathing techniques