Welcome to New Portena Linda!!!

A very warm welcome to Linda who comes from China and joined the 9th grade!!Our aim is to ensure that you, and all our students, have access to the best possible opportunities and experiences during your time in CDL, so that you can reach your full potential and are better prepared for the future.


House assembly : Building positive friendships

A very important topic was brought up during our house assembly which is also a part of our wellbeing programme this year.

The Role of Positive Friendships in Youth Development

Adolescence is a period of rapid change —physically, emotionally, and socially—and relationships with friends play an important role in the lives of adolescents as they become increasingly independent , develop their own identity, and grapple with self-esteem.Positive friendships provide youth with companionship, support, and a sense of belonging. They can encourage or reinforce healthy behaviors, and evidence suggests that positive friendships in adolescence can lay the groundwork for successful adult relationships, including romantic relationships.

And at the end each of us had to pick a heart-shaped card with an attribute written on it and hand it to the person we think possesses this quality..a lot of smiles and good vibes from this evening for all of us!!


Crystal participating in Youth Forum of Switzerland.

Our talented and motivated Crystal will participate  in Youth Forum of Switzerland representing CDL along with 4 more day students,in Zug.

The vision: Connecting changemakers to address the challenges facing our planet.

The Youth Forum Switzerland is committed to:

  • Exploring relevant issues in inclusive, respectful, and constructive ways.
  • Connecting youth and the world’s leading changemakers to inspire innovative solutions to pressing global issues.
  • Empowering youth to become purposeful changemakers.Carbon neutrality and being a zero waste organization.

 The Youth Forum Switzerland will measure its impact through:

  • Assessing youth understanding and engagement with global issues.

  • Curating student initiatives launched through participation in the Youth Forum Switzerland


You are welcome to visit : https://www.youthforumswitzerland.ch/

January Boarding Assembly!!

This assembly was a little about history and a lot about people who make an impact and stand out for their actions and voice about equality,diversity,freedom of speech,justice and honor.We focused on the importance to see the good things that happen everyday and everywhere rather than surround ourselves and our loved ones with negativity.

Good vibes and positive  attitude  from Albion,Giorgio,Amir and Sofia.Albion and Giorgio demonstrating tenor abilities,Amir accompanied them on the piano and Sofia gave an inspiring speech about the importance of exercise our bodies and souls.

At the end we had the pleasure of welcoming our Ms Cristina on stage where she pointed out that good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your eating habits  can help you reach and maintain a healthy life. “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food