Wellbeing Pillar 5

Second week of our Pillar 5: Making safe and responsible choices.

The discus-sion points of week 2 will be around:

The ESSENCE of teen brain and the science behind decision making process.

The objectives are to :

  • Debunk some of the most misleading and disempowering myths around adolescence
  • Explore how changes in brain structure during adolescence are just part of anatural, innate and healthy development which simply prepares teens for grown-up life
  • Being aware of this process and honouring this unique and fascinating moment in our life, can help teens and adults (caregivers) alike to support each other
  • Explore how the awareness of upsides and downsides of the different cardinal features of adolescence can help our kids to develop a fully integrated mind,and reduce and contain the risks of harm and serious injuries. At the same timethis awareness can help educators (and parents) to bring a more empathic andcompassionate approach when interacting with, looking after and guiding ado-lescents during these tumultuous years.


Morges Tulip Festival

On Sunday, we went to lovely Morges, a lovely town on the edge of Lake Geneva. Created to mark the 50th anniversary of the Vaud Horticultural Society in 1971, the Tulip Festival continues to delight the many annual visitors from Switzerland and abroad.

Fun in Geneva

Our girls profited from the lovely weather and long days by going to Geneva either on Friday night or Sunday. Everyone enjoyed spending time by our beautiful lake surrounded by the wonderful mountains.