Long weekend, lots of fun!

Dear all,

This long weekend we had in Switzerland was the perfect excuse for most of our girls to go back home or to travel somewhere in Europe and enjoy the good weather.

But this didn’t stop the girls who stayed in the house from enjoying themselves to the max.

Bice, Sayuri, and Rin had a lovely time by the lake with Miss Bea on the Banana Boat activity. Despite the bad weather from the last couple of days, Saturday was sunny enough to allow us to enjoy some water activities. We have to say, the girls were not convinced at first as the water was cold. But the night before the activity the excitement was visible around the house. As you can see, they had LOTS of fun and can’t wait to do it again.


Miss Sarah, as lovely and sweet as always, baked some Banana muffins and Blueberry muffins for the girls. If you were not here this weekend don’t worry, we are sure Miss Sarah will bake again soon (right, Miss Sarah? ๐Ÿ˜‰).

But this weekend is sadly over, the girls are back in the house, getting ready for the week and studying for the coming exams.

Lots of love,

Terri, Sarah, Maria, Ioanna and Fana.