Birthday girls!!

It’s never too late for wishes!

During the Easter holidays, Sayuri (April 10th), Zoya (April 11th), Darina and Yvonne (April 16th) had their birthdays! And today, we celebrated Ingrid’s birthday!

Wishing you all the best!!

Our weekly meeting also allowed us to prepare something for the girls!

Adults had fun, too, preparing a fruit salad…


Terri, Sarah, Β Maria, Ioanna and Fana

Welcome Back!

We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday!

We are very happy to have the girls back at the house.

This has been a lovely welcome back weekend, the girls are happy to be back and so are we!


Happy holidays !! 🐞

Β  Β “It’s the first week of April and the start of the spring holidays! The girls have left for break, which they will all be spending differently, some with friends while others return to their homes to relax and enjoy spending time with their families”.Β 

ZoyaΒ (IB1 student)


New Portena wishes everyone a lovely spring holiday!

Enjoy your Easter break!

The boarding house will be open again from Saturday, 22.04.

See you soon!

Best wishes,

Terri, Sarah, Maria, Ioanna and Fana


Wellbeing pillar – Online SafetyπŸ“²πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

Dear all,

The Wellbeing Pillar 4: Scams, Security, and Identity Theft has come to an end. Our girls have learned multiple things about online safety and the importance of staying safe in the digital world.

It is extremely important to make sure we are safeguarding our personal information, our identity, and our digital devices. We must be mindful of who we interact with on social media, the sites we visit, and the information we share.

For this, our girls created this TikTok to share with everyone some tips on how to stay safe.


Terri, Sarah, Maria and Ioanna

A loving home πŸ‘πŸ’–

New Portena is a place where our girls can develop their creativity to the maximum and decide what they want their future to be like. It is home to 28 women, but has been home to thousands more. We are proud of each one of them and the people they are becoming.

Thank you for creating a home in which to share experiences, a home full of laughter, emotions, and good times.

New Portena is home, today and always.


Terri, Sarah, Maria and Ioanna.