Leavers assembly !! 🍾

Hello everyone,

In a momentous celebration, four remarkable young women bid farewell to their school years, marking a significant milestone in their lives. Today, amidst cheers and applause, they stood tall on the stage of their leavers’ assembly, embodying the culmination of their hard work, determination, and growth. These extraordinary graduates have left an indelible mark on their school, and we, their proud supporters, couldn’t be happier. Through countless hours of studying, extracurricular pursuits, and personal development, they have become confident individuals ready to take on the world. As they embark on their next chapter, we applaud their achievements and eagerly anticipate the extraordinary journeys that await them.

Congratulations, Carina, Cherry, Rei and Sara!!

Wishing you all the best!

Terri, Sarah, Maria, Ioanna and Fana


Weekend activities 13-14 May

Hello everyone !

Despite being in the midst of the exams the girls managed to include in some exciting leisure activities last weekend, such as go-karting and golf, aside from their usual activities like baking and body shaping!


Tarri, Sarah, Maria, Ioanna and Fana

Birthday girls!!

It’s never too late for wishes!

During the Easter holidays, Sayuri (April 10th), Zoya (April 11th), Darina and Yvonne (April 16th) had their birthdays! And today, we celebrated Ingrid’s birthday!

Wishing you all the best!!

Our weekly meeting also allowed us to prepare something for the girls!

Adults had fun, too, preparing a fruit salad…


Terri, Sarah,  Maria, Ioanna and Fana

Happy holidays !! 🐞

   “It’s the first week of April and the start of the spring holidays! The girls have left for break, which they will all be spending differently, some with friends while others return to their homes to relax and enjoy spending time with their families”. 

Zoya (IB1 student)


New Portena wishes everyone a lovely spring holiday!

Enjoy your Easter break!

The boarding house will be open again from Saturday, 22.04.

See you soon!

Best wishes,

Terri, Sarah, Maria, Ioanna and Fana


International dinner: Belgium! 🇧🇪

Hello everyone,

On Wednesday we were all excited to celebrate the cuisine of Belgium through an international dinner featuring braised beef, frites, vegetables, and waffles for dessert. The savory braised beef is slow cooked to perfection while crispy frites are perfect for dipping in sauces.  For dessert, students can enjoy light and fluffy Belgian waffles with chocolate sauce and syrup. Sharing this meal together is a powerful way to celebrate diversity and learn about different cultures. Let’s raise a toast to the delicious flavors of Belgium!
New Portena team

Kindness is a super power!!

In last night’s house meeting, the girls were encouraged to discuss kindness and how it can be a superpower in life. The girls were given a list of qualities such as empathy, integrity, popularity and public image and were asked to organise them based on what they found most important. 

Kindness and loyalty were among the most common words found on top of the girls’ lists, and some have shared why exactly these qualities were so important to them. Our House Parents then explained just how far someone can get with kindness as it allows this person to express all of the other attributes we’ve seen. 

Zoya IB1

New Portena

Proactive start!

Hello from New Portena!

The first week after the mid-season break has already passed. Our girls gave us moments of pride and reflection at our previous boarding assembly. The assembly started with Rei’s enchanted performance on “Skyfall”. Defne A., Defne I., and Venus are leading a Charity Event to raise funds for the Turkish-Syria earthquake victims and presented an overview of the disaster, and how we can make a donation. You can visit the TRENDYOL site as well as the web pages of two Turkish organizations, AFAD and AKUT. Finally, Sara shared her experience as a Prefect and how the Prefect role could contribute to the school community.
This weekend some of our students travelled to the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. They had the opportunity to visit some of Gaudi’s masterpieces, such as Sagrada Famíla and Güell Park and, of course, the Camp Nou football field. For Those who chose to stay here for the weekend, there were plenty of activities such as badminton, ski, cooking, baking, and music club, to name a few. Here are some photos and Rei’s performance video!



Terri, Sarah, Maria and Ioanna.


Photo competition 🥇

Hello everyone!

A few days ago the students had to take a photo that would reflect international friendships. The girls won the first place by presenting internationalism and friendship … hand in hand.. With this photo they created a wonderful memory of their time at CDL!

We are always proud of you

New Portena team