The Beginning of the Beginning: Olympus Graduates 2021-22

There’s always a sense of ‘the ultimate’ in school. There’s always a ramp up. Formatives, summatives, final exams, the year before the year before the year that really matters. We’ve all had that incredible climb through school, from grade to grade and we’ve all had that moment where we could never imagine that one day we would be where we are now. School seems so big and infinite when you’re in the middle of it and for good reason. It’s a long journey, working on both your growing mind and on your growing soul. The boarding experience is one that has an intimate focus on that second portion of development. The mind is fed on knowledge, spurred on by curiosity. But the soul feeds on community, on the presence of others and simply on living life. At CDL we have been so lucky to have seen so many students graduate, but more so having seen lives being lived here among our school. So we find ourselves doubly sad yet doubly proud to see our boys graduate this summer.

Mirsadi, Victor and Gabriel are now graduates of Collège du Léman as students and as boarders.

Below, they receive their diplomas from CDL head Pauline Nord.




Mr. Xavier with Gabriel and Michel. Both brothers have been with us for a while now and it’s been amazing to see them grow and learn here at CDL.


A little sweeter than bittersweet. We can’t put into words how proud and excited we are for the three of them. They’re always welcome back and can rest easy knowing that they’ll always have a home here at CDL and in Olympus Boarding House.

Wishing them the best of the best of the best!

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