CDL Olympus Boarders Return Refreshed

After having a fun and relaxing October break, CDL Olympus students are now back and ready
to resume their school year. It’s worth noting that these students have returned from all corners
of the globe, each with their unique tales of adventure and exploration. The break provided
them with a well-deserved opportunity to unwind, recharge, and make wonderful memories.
They now face the next part of their school year prepared, relaxed, and filled with enthusiasm

Burritos and Bonding: Olympus’s Recipe for House Harmony!

Another month has come and gone, and with it, another unforgettable house dinner at Olympus. These monthly gatherings are not just about the delectable dishes we indulge in but also about the comfort and camaraderie we find in each other’s company. Amid the bustle of daily life, it’s a gentle reminder of the family we’ve found away from home, in this very boarding house.

This month, it was Mexican themed. As the inviting aromas wafted through the room, it was clear that something special was about to be served. The buffet was a visual feast, with colourful dishes spread out, inviting everyone to partake.

But as much as the food was the talk of the evening, the real essence of the dinner was the atmosphere. Music played, laughter echoed, stories were shared, and memories were made. New students felt the warmth of inclusion, while seniors nostalgically relished in an important part of house spirit.

Boarders vs. Day Students: The Hoops, Hopes, and High-Fives of CDL!

The much-anticipated CDL Basketball Match between the boarders and day students took place on Wednesday, and the energy was palpable. This isn’t just any regular basketball game, it’s a friendly rivalry that embodies the spirit, talent, and camaraderie of all students at CDL

From the onset, the gym buzzed with excitement. Students showed support for both teams with cheering squads, representing both boarders and day students.

The game itself was a testament to the skill and passion of the players. The boarders, with their well-coordinated plays, showcased their strengths in teamwork and strategic moves. They made swift passes and had a solid defence.

In the end, while there was a winner and a loser, what stood out more than the score was the spirit of sportsmanship displayed by both teams. The handshake line post-game was filled with smiles, mutual respect, and a few friendly jabs.

Tomorrow’s Expert Today: Mastering the Art of Procrastination

As we finish Pillar 1 on our Wellbeing Programme, we conclude that sleep is a vital aspect of keeping our body both physically and mentally well. We share with you a reflective essay by Mikhail ISAEV, on the importance of sleeping and Procrastination.

Many of us struggle with procrastination, and it occurs more frequently than we might imagine. It happens when we put off tasks that we know we should complete, such as studying, chores, or assignments. Instead, we spend our time scrolling through TikTok or Instagram, which are purposely all designed with the intention so that we stay on them for hours and continue procrastinating. That explains why TikTok is so addictive. This infinite loop continues because every time you scroll until you find something you like, dopamine is released in enormous amounts. Although it may appear innocent, procrastination can have some negative effects.

Stress can result from procrastination, which is one of its major minuses. When we put off doing anything until the last minute, we frequently speed through it, which might make us feel uneasy. For instance, if we wait until the night before to start an assignment like a presentation that is due in a week, we might not do our best work and not finish it. Which might also cause us to lose sleep, and that could make us feel tired and stressed out and affect how well we do in class and at school.

As I’ve already stated, procrastination can have an impact on our academic performance. We might perform less well on tests or assignments if we put off studying or finishing our homework. And we know that for teenagers like us, sleeping is an essential part of our life. Experts recommend for 8 to 10 hours of sleep, procrastination can affect our sleeping schedule and thus mess with our sleeping cycle which can cause serious consequences, as I have already previously stated.

Another problem with procrastination is that it can become a habit. The more we put things off, the easier it becomes to keep doing it. It’s like a cycle that’s hard to break. We might start to feel like we can’t get anything done, which can hurt our self-esteem and ego.

So why do we put things off? There may be several causes: Like when we simply don’t feel like accomplishing the task and would prefer to do something more enjoyable. Or sometimes we put off the chore because we don’t know where to begin since we feel overwhelmed by it.

But procrastination can be overcome. Knowing when we’re doing it is one of the first stages. If we see that we are delaying anything, we should stop and consider why we are delaying it and how it makes us feel. The task can then be divided into smaller, easier to handle steps. It may seem less overpowering as a result.

Setting objectives and deadlines might be beneficial. A clear schedule for when something must be completed can encourage us to start earlier. It’s similar to following a road map.

In conclusion, procrastination is a widespread issue that can result in stress, poor academic performance, and a feeling of frustration. However, with awareness and a few techniques, we can overcome it.

By Mikhail ISAEV

A Triumph of Determination: The College du Leman 0 to 5k Race

Collège du Léman recently hosted an exciting 0 to 5K race that brought together students, parents, teachers, and the community.

Participants of all ages and fitness levels enjoyed the scenic course around the campus, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and support among runners. Among the participants were our Olympus boarders who represented the house greatly by showing great determination and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


Thai-m to Spice Things Up: A Culinary Voyage Without Leaving Leman!

On Wednesday, the Leman Dining room transcended its usual charm to become a vibrant corner of Thailand. This transformation was not merely about food but a celebration of the rich international tapestry that makes up our boarding community. As we stepped into the dining area, it was impossible to miss the traditional Thai adornments that hung gracefully, echoing the intricate patterns and colours reminiscent of Thailand’s illustrious heritage.

To ensure an authentic experience, we brought in external caterers, specialists in Thai cuisine. Their expertise was evident in every bite, as they masterfully blended the quintessential sweet, sour, spicy, and umami flavours that Thai food is celebrated for.

In essence, our Thai night at the Leman Dining room was more than just a meal; it was a tantalizing treat for the senses and a heartwarming reminder of the beauty that lies in embracing and celebrating diverse cultures.