Active weekend

Another weekend full of activities, some of them are regular, golf, tennis, cooking, and allow us to improve our skills.

Others however bring new challenges and allow us to explore other abilities, for example, padel or karting. These were undoubtedly very popular with our more adventurous kids.


Olympus gets its first win

Back to the court! The basketball boarding league has already started, and the first game was the big derby, Olympus versus Leman, without a doubt a difficult game with a lot at stake, we are very happy to tell you that it was our first game and we have achieved our first victory.

But the most important thing is to celebrate with our rivals and the referees (many thanks to Mme. Perrine and Mr. Spencer) that we had a great time playing basketball.

Fresh air on the Swiss mountains

Finally, it’s time for that moment we love so much at the beginning of the year, the Mountain Weekend!

This weekend the whole boarding community enjoyed different activities in two magnificent villages: Fiesch and Verbier.

We have been able to practice activities such as glacier hiking, via Ferrata, mountain biking, rope course, or laser tag, among other games.

Without a doubt, this experience helped us to get to know other boarders better and to share good moments with them in a wonderful environment.


Building bonds before the school bell

Hello, everyone!

Before the school bell rings, before we dive into our books and lessons, our boarding house comes alive with laughter and games. You see, here, we believe in more than just study; we believe in becoming a family.

We played many team games. Some made us think, others made us laugh, and a few even made us run around like children in a park! The goal? Simple. To know each other, to trust, to become more than just roommates – to become teammates, friends, and family.

For example, the Human Knot game. We stood in a circle, held hands with two different people, and tried to untangle without letting go. It was a mess at first! But, little by little, with communication and patience, we found our way out. A lot like life, no?

These games were more than just fun. They showed us that even if we come from different places, speak different languages, or like different things, at the end of the day, we are all here together. As one family in our boarding house.

We hope to have a great year here in Olympus, and we invite all of you to be part of it, please, follow and enjoy with us our adventures during this amazing year.

Greats from the Olympus team

Gordon, Apollon, and Rodrigo.


Welcome back!


We are back! We hope you had a wonderful holiday, and we are already back preparing for your arrival. We look forward to sharing our stories with you.

From Sunday the new students will be discovering the house and the campus, and during the rest of the week, the others will be arriving, ready for a great year?