Boarders vs. Day Students: The Hoops, Hopes, and High-Fives of CDL!

The much-anticipated CDL Basketball Match between the boarders and day students took place on Wednesday, and the energy was palpable. This isn’t just any regular basketball game, it’s a friendly rivalry that embodies the spirit, talent, and camaraderie of all students at CDL

From the onset, the gym buzzed with excitement. Students showed support for both teams with cheering squads, representing both boarders and day students.

The game itself was a testament to the skill and passion of the players. The boarders, with their well-coordinated plays, showcased their strengths in teamwork and strategic moves. They made swift passes and had a solid defence.

In the end, while there was a winner and a loser, what stood out more than the score was the spirit of sportsmanship displayed by both teams. The handshake line post-game was filled with smiles, mutual respect, and a few friendly jabs.

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