Graduation 2024

Yesterday we attended the beautiful graduation ceremony of the 23/24 graduating class.

Without a doubt, it was a very emotional event in which all the students collected their diplomas on the most important day of their academic careers so far. There were musical moments, and sentimental speeches, addressed to families, teachers, classmates, and House Parents. We are very proud like Boarding staff to see how all these students have progressed and grown in their lives guided by all of us to now, on their own, continue to seek new challenges in which to succeed in life.

We wish all the best to all the students of this promotion, but especially to all our Olympus boys, you will always be part of this house:

Alex, Aleksei, André, Billy, David, Kevin, Lael, Murat and Tim.


Nicolas’ experiences from Paris

Last weekend, I went on an exciting school trip to Paris. Our adventure started on Friday when we took a train. It was a fun ride with my classmates. We talked and looked out the windows. We arrived in Paris and were very excited. The city looked beautiful.

Our first stop was the Eiffel Tower. It’s a very famous and tall tower. We learned it’s one of the most famous places in Paris. We took lots of photos there. Then, we went on a boat trip on the Seine River. We saw many beautiful buildings and bridges. The boat ride was relaxing and fun. We waved at people walking by the river.

After the boat ride, we went up the Eiffel Tower. It was a bit scary but exciting to be so high. The view of Paris from up there was amazing. We could see the whole city. It looked like a postcard. After coming down, we walked around near the tower. We were hungry, so the teachers gave us money for food. We found a nice place to eat. I tried some French fries in Paris!

We walked on a famous street called Champs-Élysées. It was a long street with lots of shops and cafes. We went into some shops and looked at the things they sold. I bought a small Eiffel Tower keychain as a souvenir.

In the evening, we went to a restaurant for dinner. The food was delicious. I tried some new French dishes. I liked the dessert the best. Then, we went to our hotel. It was a big hotel with nice rooms. The beds were very comfortable. I shared a room with my best friend, and we talked late into the night.

The next morning, after breakfast at the hotel, we visited the Louvre Museum. It’s a huge museum with so many paintings and statues. We saw the Mona Lisa. It was smaller than I thought but still cool. We also saw a famous statue called Venus. It’s very old and missing its arms. Our teacher told us about the history of these artworks. I learned a lot about art and history.

After the museum, we had some free time. We walked around Paris, seeing the streets and buildings. It was nice to see the city life. Then, we went back to the train station. We bought some snacks for the trip back to Geneva. I got some chocolate and a sandwich.

This trip to Paris was very special. I had so much fun and learned a lot about French culture and history. I want to thank my school and the teachers for organizing this trip. It was an experience I will always remember. Paris is a beautiful city, and I hope to visit again one day.

Happy February break

Wishing you a fantastic February break filled with relaxation, fun, and cherished memories! Whether you’re exploring new places or enjoying cozy moments at home, take this time to recharge and unwind. Embrace every opportunity for adventure and make the most of this well-deserved break. Enjoy every moment to the fullest!

Olympus Team

MPW London - We've just broken up for February half term! Happy holidays  all of you. | Facebook

CDL Olympus Boarders Return Refreshed

After having a fun and relaxing October break, CDL Olympus students are now back and ready
to resume their school year. It’s worth noting that these students have returned from all corners
of the globe, each with their unique tales of adventure and exploration. The break provided
them with a well-deserved opportunity to unwind, recharge, and make wonderful memories.
They now face the next part of their school year prepared, relaxed, and filled with enthusiasm

A Triumph of Determination: The College du Leman 0 to 5k Race

Collège du Léman recently hosted an exciting 0 to 5K race that brought together students, parents, teachers, and the community.

Participants of all ages and fitness levels enjoyed the scenic course around the campus, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and support among runners. Among the participants were our Olympus boarders who represented the house greatly by showing great determination and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


A Flavorful Spanish Fiesta: International Dinner

In our boarding school, we recently embarked on a culinary journey that brought a taste of Spain to our campus. Our international dinner was all about savoring delectable dishes like paella, squid, mussels, and pa amb tomaquet (tomato bread).

The paella took center stage, boasting saffron-infused rice and seafood that simply melted in your mouth. The squid, lightly crispy and bursting with flavor, garnered rave reviews. And those mussels, bathed in a savory broth, were an absolute slurp-worthy sensation. To top it off, pan amb tomaca added a fresh and zesty twist to our palates.

This feast wasn’t just about food; it was a global culinary celebration that brought together students from diverse backgrounds. Sharing this mouthwatering meal reminded us that food has the power to connect people and celebrate different cultures right here at our boarding school.