CDL Challenge!

This July Morgan, Ricardo and Tom (House Parents at CDL) will cycle from Geneva to Nice!

They will leave on the 1th of July and arrive in Nice on the 7th, traversing the Alps, with a total climb 22000m over the course of the ride.

The ride aims to raise money for SOA (Serenje Orphans Appeal), a charity championed by the Middle School principle Kevin Gilbert. SOA runs the SOCH orphanage in Zambia. The orphanage supplies food, education and support for up to 44 weeks at a time. The project aims to be self sufficient by running a local guesthouse. The building is past the roofing stage – all that remains is the internal tiling of bathrooms and the purchase of furniture which is estimated to cost €4000.

Please check out the link below – any donation would be greatly appreciated! It is a fantastic cause!

Dinner in Olympus!

Today, thanks to the tuc shop money earned over the year, Olympus had a family meal in the Boarding House! It is not often the boys are all in the same place at the same time, so it was nice to be together! The students had a great time and it meant they could have small amount of time to relax as a house before the exams start on June 17th!


CDL Photo Competition

The CDL Photo Competition results are out and….. our very own Yilun MA has won! An excellent photo – well deserved! Yilun will pick up his prize of an iPad tomorrow.