Happy Holidays !

On behalf of the Olympus Team and all the Community of Collège du Léman we would like to wish to all you a great summer. It has been a great year. Get all the rest you deserve and enjoy the time together with your families.

Mr. Tom, Mr. Xavier, Mr. Ronan, Mr. Jaime

Lake Fun & End of Year Party

This weekend we had a really nice weather. We could enjoy many different activities on the lake as : banana boat, kayaking, paddle among others…

We have also celebrated the End of Year party at Concha where we could enjoy many different games and have a great time in the pool.

Saturday activities !

Dear all, we are happy to share a  few shots of many different activities that our boys took part this Saturday. We have a really nice sunny day and some of our boys have gone also to Geneva and the Lake Leman. The weather is becoming better and we are delighted to see them enjoying the possibilities of our area.

David and Hanwen attended the cooking activity. Cookies !








Iyowuna.. Model on the photography activity.

Tonight we had another House Competition. The Quizz !

and to finish the day… Eurovision !!

Its time for our Boys to Graduate!

Daniel has been at CDL for two years and finished his final exams today, we celebrated together at the G12 leavers dinner.


The G12 got together properly for a meal, something we haven’t been able to enjoy as much as we have wanted this past year, but this was a special moment, enjoyed by everyone.


Good Luck Boys……….. We will miss you!

Weekend celebrations :)

This weekend we have had a few special events to celebrate. Our G9 have been awarded as they won the Monthly house competition. Winning the house competition you know what it means: PIZZA !

Secondly, our beloved Nihad wanted to celebrate a bit in advance his birthday this weekend with his friends. He organised a lovely BBQ at the garden in Concha. Happy (in advance) Bday Nico ! but… 6th may the official one 😉


Visit to Cailler Museum & Gruyères

Finally  !! After so long waiting for it… our boarders could enjoy the trip to one of the many “Wonderland” we have in Switzerland.

This time our boarders went to visit the <<Cailler Museum and Chocolate Factory >> . As part of the Lake activity program that CDL offers to its boarders. Our boys  were able to learn about the elaboration process of one of the most emblematic Swiss products and … of course to taste it !

After this visit, the group had the possibility to enjoy free time in the beautiful city of Gruyeres, where the most iconic Swiss Cheese has its origin .


Saturday Activities

Some shots of the activities in which our children took part today on campus. We are glad to see that the sun is shining more and more in this way , our kids can enjoy even more the leisure possibilities that the lake of Geneva can to offer. As was the case today to have a Photography Workshop.

Biking… another activity that we enjoy more and more thanks to this weather.

Finally… cooking, where our boys prepared today delicious cookies !