Wellbeing: Cannabis

Today we gathered the House for Wellbeing and focused on the topic of cannabis. The girls worked in small groups according to their age and each were assigned a subtopic that they had to research. These topics included how cannabis influences 1) mental health, 2) brain development, 3) level of addiction, and 4) gateway drug. With the information that the girls gathered they had to create a small presentation to present this week. It was an interactive and informative Wellbeing session, which involved the girls collaborating with others from the House.

Dinner in the House

This afternoon some of the girls prepared an amazing meal for dinner with the guidance of Lucélia! Thank you to Angela, Tanya, Hai Ngan, Carmen, Renee, Scarlett for your contribution! We then shared a wonderful meal as a House this evening.

Boarding Assembly – Guest Speaker Dr. Malmberg

Last night we had an assembly with guest speaker Dr. Malmberg who discussed the current situation with the COVID-19. He answered many questions that the students had regarding this virus.

We all need to remember to maintain proper hygiene by washing our hands regularly, using the hand sanitizers located around the entire school, and try to minimize the amount of times we touch our face. We will continue to support and calm the students while we go through this tough situation.

Wellbeing Pillar Four

      We have now started the fourth pillar of our Wellbeing Program that focuses on Making Safe and Responsible Choices. The girls watched a video about the choices we have to make on a daily basis that can lead to either safe or unsafe situations. Following the video we discussed what factors influence the decisions they make and also understanding the potential impacts our decisions have in our lives. After the discussion, the girls answered some questions on their own regarding their personal experiences with making safe and responsible choices. We had a great Wellbeing session introducing Pillar 4!

Link for the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPd8tD_G9ZU


Back at home after holidays

Villa du Lac girls are back, safe and happy from their February break.

Some of them traveled with their families or friends to various nice destinations in Europe (Lisbon, Porto, London, Lyon, etc.) or far-away in Dubai, Canada or USA.

Others enjoyed a full ski weekend organized by CdL in Crans-Montana, skiing and having plenty activities with their mates.

Some others traveled around Switzerland with their beloved ones (Zurich, Lausanne, Bern, Lugano, etc.) or rested around Geneva-Lausanne.

A part of our girls spent a restful time back home, with their families and childhood friends.

However, most of Villa du Lac girls said they had a good balance between resting, studying and having fun. Now they are back on track, ready to start the 3rd Marking Period 😊