House Assembly – Week 3 – Goals

In this weeks House assembly, all the boys in Concha Annexe devised their own personal and academic goals for this year. We used the SMART principle and made sure the goals we set ourselves were Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. We discussed how we are going to achieve the things we want to achieve as well as why setting goals and having the right attitude and motivation is the key to success.


House Assembly – Week One – Respect

Every week in Concha Annexe we have a House Assembly. This gives us the opportunity to spend time as a house and discuss important issues and values. The first House assembly was held on Wednesday 6th September and it was centered around Respect, which is one of key principles at Collège du Léman.


“Unite as one and move courageously forward to excellence”

Congratulations to Marc, Matthew, Dima and Vlad as Concha Annexe came 9th in first Boarding House competition. The boys had to speak on stage in front of all the boarders to explain the new house logo and motto, designed by the boys themselves. Well done chaps, proud of you all. Now to prepare for the next house competition…………… The sports day on the 1st October