Weekly Meeting

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Today we had a nice meeting. We enjoyed some time away from our screens and played a game in the old fashion way….. playing cards. The boys enjoyed it very much. Although at the beginning they were a bit reluctant to play, by the end, they did not want to stop. It is interesting to […]

House Assembly

Today in our weekly meeting we discussed the sensitive topic of: “Luxury brands, why people buy them and are it a reasonable price for the product?

To help me with the explanation, I used this interesting video that I found online. It helped the boys understand the message that I was trying to explain to them by giving them an insight into the facts of the luxury fashion market. Having documented, real facts about the manipulation of society, this really gave the boys something to think about.

I let them discuss it and they had very interesting and some quite different views and approaches. They all understood that they have to be respectful in the way they use their parent’s money.  That they should not be following and buying brands who’s only purpose of their designs and prices is to show off instead of genuinely producing a quality product.

I hope they really believe in what they said today and they will put in practice.