The Concha A. family 2019-2020

I am very glad to introduce you to this awesome team that will be a pleasure to lead during this school year.

From Left to right we have Juan Carlos and Gerardo from Mexico, Ilian from Switzerland, Kosei from Japan and Andrew and Ling from China! 

I anticipate an outstanding year for all!

The Concha Annexe Charity movie night, for the Tomas Costa Appeal

This evening, the Concha Annexe boys held a Charity movie night in school, for the Tomas Costa appeal. We managed to raise 132chf which will contribute towards the charity.

Tomas Costa is the young son of a former College du Leman Houseparent. Tomas was sadly diagnosed with Leukaemia. Any money we raise goes towards the machine for hospitals that makes it easier for Tomas, and many other children in the same situation, to receive the treatment they need.

I would like to thank the boys personally for their effort in supporting this appeal. Thank you boys.