Pillar 3, Microaggressions “2nd phase completed”

As part of our ongoing well-being program, we discussed a sensitive topic during Phase 2: microaggressions. These are subtle words or actions that unintentionally discriminate against individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds. After educating our students about the impact of microaggressions, we facilitated discussions where they shared real-life instances where they had encountered such behaviour.

To make these experiences tangible, we encouraged them to express their encounters through cartoon strips. This creative outlet allowed them to depict moments when they felt saddened, rejected, bullied, or subjected to racial inequality. By addressing these issues head-on, we empower our students to understand and articulate their emotions, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic community.

Mountain Weekend at Leysin

Embarking on Weekend 2 for all our boarders, we found ourselves in the middle of the breathtaking beauty of Leysin, a remarkable ski resort nestled in the mountains. Thank you to our Camp team who organised this amazing weekend gateway, we came back well-recharged.

Swiss Kahoot !

Today, students tested their knowledge of Switzerland, and each team put in a great effort to earn the most points. Team 1 and Team 2 both scored 25 points, while Team 3 emerged victorious with 35 points. It was a fun time with our fantastic prefects!

Snow Topped Mountains

What a fantastic weekend we enjoyed in the mountains, a fresh layer of snow made for perfect conditions on the pistes and the sun kept shining throughout the whole weekend. Some of our boys went skiing, we also had snowboarders and a few of them joined non-skier activities such as tobboganing and igloo building.

Nurturing Well-being: Pillar 3 Focuses on Cultivating Positive Friendships and Relationships

As part of our well-being program; Pillar 3 has begun! In our ongoing commitment to holistic well-being, this takes centre stage, dedicated to the cultivation of positive friendships and relationships. At Champs des Bois, our boarders recently engaged in a collaborative brainstorming session to explore the nuances of this crucial aspect of personal growth. Excitingly, we are set to embark on a series of weekly activities, each thoughtfully designed to underscore the significance of recognizing and fostering the characteristics that define positive friendships.

Each week will introduce a distinct and engaging activity aimed at reinforcing the importance of positive friendships. From team-building exercises to reflective discussions, these activities are crafted to impart practical insights and skills that enhance our collective ability to build and sustain positive relationships.

Week 1 & 2: Identifying characteristics of positive friendships and reflecting on the type of friend you are. How can I be a better friend?

Week 3:Delving into international friendships and addressing microaggressions.

Week 4:Examining toxic friendships and relationships.


Weekend On Campus!

The weekend kicked off with an exhilarating start on Friday evening as we delved into the world of jungle puzzles. The boys, brimming with enthusiasm, were determined to conquer as many puzzle pieces as possible. However, Mr. George couldn’t resist the challenge and ended up putting the finishing touches on it. Little did we know, that once you start working on a puzzle, it becomes an addictive adventure that’s hard to walk away from!

In the afternoon the kitchen became a hub of creativity as we embarked on a baking adventure, concocting a banana and chocolate cake that left our taste buds dancing with joy. The boys participated in a fantastic cookery workshop where they crafted cordon bleu paired with creamy mashed potatoes.

As the day progressed, Donny revelled in the exhilarating experience of scaling new heights and other boys revamped the old flower pots this activity added a therapeutic touch to the already dynamic weekend.

Let it Snow!!!

Look! it’s snowing outside! Let’s Go and Play!

Students loved playing snowball fights, slip and slide, running down the hill, snow angels and a fat snowman. Simply having fun before it melts away.

SNOW you are truly magical 🙂

2024 has arrived!

Exit 2023, enter 2024. We are delighted to welcome back our boys to Champs Des Bois. During the arrivals weekend, the boys have been helping us to spruce up our home. Aiding our French language learning along the way.

Wishing you all a fantastic year ahead!