Weekend Fun, Ropes, Monopoly and Birthdays!

It has been nothing short of an awesome weekend in Concha. We welcomed the boys back from their respective trips on Friday afternoon where some departed for a much needed weekend away with family and others spent the weekend here.

Saturday we decided not to participate in activities have some down time in Concha before going into Geneva for the afternoon.

Saturday evening some of us enjoyed a bit of the Rugby World Cup and others decided to play Monopoly, which made a nice change from playing on our Computers!

Today is also Aiteks Birthday, so Happy Birthday Aitek! We all shared a cake in Concha in celebration of this.

We also took to the ropes course today, which was loads of fun. Showing off our climbing skills and having a good laugh with friends, and some of us even conquered our fear of heights!

Thats it for now. Until next time, Concha Boys 🙂

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Jump n Jive come alive the Concha boys have arrived!

It has been an awfully busy, but fun, week in Concha. On Thursday we welcomed a public holiday, Jeûne Genevois, which gave us an opportunity to have a more relaxing day on campus. We had a later breakfast and then some well deserved free time until lunch, After lunch a few of us braver boys took to the swimming pool whilst other enjoyed a game of football played in good sporting spirit. The evening came around and it was time for the first category of the house competition…House Cheers and Chants. The Concha boys were well prepared for the occasion

The weekend saw us partaking in an array of activities, which included a trip to Geneva, biking, wakeboarding, 3D artwork, swimming as well as a trip to the Aquapark on Sunday. We also had visitors to the house in which we played cards, baby foot, or simply joined in conversation with our friends.

Its been a great week in Concha. Until next time!

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Welcome to Concha! 2015-2016

Welcome to the Concha House blog! Here you can find Weekly Updates on what’s happening in the lives of the Concha Boys!

The first week has been a rollercoaster ride with half of the students in Concha being new to CDL and finding their bearings and becoming at ease with boarding life and others returning for a new academic year. The transition into school and boarding has not been without its challenges but everyone has settled in well and has had a great week. We are fortunate enough to live in multicultural community and we are very pleased to say that everyone has made new friends from yonder a field and has certainly learnt a thing or two about different country’s and the people from those country’s- a truly enriching experience! The first weekend saw a jam packed weekend with loads of activities and trips. Friday evening the boys took some well deserved time off and managed to relax and get some social sports in on the Concha field. Saturday the boys ventured in Geneva for some well deserved free time and some exploring of the city was to be done as many of the boys had never been before. Many of the boys took to the water to try out some wakeboarding on the Lake on Saturday morning and thoroughly enjoyed it- even the ones who couldn’t stand up!  Others got to enjoy a spot of Golf, Horse back riding, swimming, climbing. 


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That’s it for now and see you next week!