Welcome back and International Dinner!

Welcome back to the Concha blog!
Almost everyone is back and we are back at our game at full. The final stretch, the final quarter has begun! We are near the finish line and life in the house is very smooth.

The weather allows us to spend a lot of time outside on campus and we sure get tired. Therefore we are always very hungry when we go to dinner! The dining hall staff never disappoints, and we walk away full and satisfied! Tonight was the first international dinner after the holidays and we got to taste Albanian cuisine.

Holidays, Spring Break!

We just returned to Concha from the end of February and yet here we are again, at a break!
There has been a lot going on with us, now that the weather is better and we enjoy more sunlight the football matches stretching into the night have returned! Outing in Geneva is a far better experience now too and the garden is not only getting greener but louder too thanks to us!

The trips are amazing, the mood is fantastic and we are all ready to do some well deserved stretching and relaxing before the final Hooray! of the school year!

Dear readers, followers, parents. Enjoy the holidays and the fresh, spring weather! We will be back soon!

A Fun Weekend of Activities

This weekend, our students had the opportunity to do some of their favourite weekend activities, namely baking and tennis. This was a fantastic opportunity to make some delicious food and get some exercise at the same time!