Chill in Concha

The first weekend of December is a bit of a rainy and cold one. However, the boys found plenty of things to do around the house.
Daniel is also attending a fencing tournament today, for which he has prepared rigorously.

Although the pen is mightier than a sword, fencing is an elegant sport.

Let’s get the holiday vibes on with a bit of saloon blend on the piano.


Liverpool v. Fulham is tomorrow but let’s try to predict the outcome!

Happy Thanksgiving!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, the international dinner from yesterday was put on hold so we can have some turkey, pumpkins and a lot of goodies!

Seal of approval from the food judges!

While his last name is not Jackson, Michael is a certified celebrity.

Strongest guys around the block!

Das ist gut!

Second serving s’il vous plait!

A Relaxing Saturday In Concha

After a long week filled with summatives and active participation in classes, it was time for some active rest. The boys as usual choose their favorite activities to relax their minds and have fun on this a bit colder but cozy Saturday.

“I will serve the first serve sir!”

Do not let the ball touch the ground!

It may appear that Emir mastered the art of floating above the court. We can neither confirm nor deny this observation.

Joe is never phased by wet weather. As soon as the rain ceased falling, he went for a healthy run!

November Rain

The first weekend after the holidays have begun in Concha!
While we have a rainy week, the boys are having a relaxed time in the house and around campus. Chill and cozy vibes all around.

Soups, teas, warm and hot liquids to combat the cold!

The weather might be cold outside but in here it’s always cozy and warm. No need to ditch the sport shorts just yet! (also checking the weather periodically)

Chocolate-chip cookies are always welcome!

Here you are, take a bite!

Weekend in Concha

The boys had a busy but entertaining weekend in boarding. There were many activities to do and we participated in a lot of them. Be it cooking, sports or karting, we aced all of them! Hooray boys, such a strong week followed by an even better weekend!

Friday Night Chilling With The Boys

Friday – the day everyone at school always looks forward to. The favorite day of many around the world, Friday is almost always associated with fun, relaxation and it marks the end of a week of work. It is the reward for our efforts over the previous four days of the week.

To quote a classic hit song by The Cure,

“Monday you can fall apartTuesday, Wednesday break my heartOh, Thursday doesn’t even startIt’s Friday, I’m in love”

We had a superb gathering at our house and the guys cooked some awesome food

Jeff was honing his skills at basketball

Ariel did what the Skywalkers were destined to do in the original Star Wars, and brought balance to the force. He did make it look effortless.

Marshmallows night!

Friday evening the boys were treated to a nice marshmallow party, courtesy of Mr. Findlay.
We had a lot of fun around the fire and trying to make the best marshmallows possible.

American BBQ evening!

Last night the boarders were treated to a BBQ night by the kitchen staff.
We spent the evening outside where we enjoyed our meals and the great company. Hah, not to mention the beautiful sunset!

Grade 6 presents school plays!

Grade 6 students at CDL have been preparing theatrical plays in the last few months and our boys participated in them too.
Albeit the room was dimly lit to help the audience get immersed in the experience we managed to capture some moments of our boys being on stage!

We were treated to a very well put together and performed play which blew us away! Great job boys and girls!

Liam taking center stage, playing one of the main roles of the play, as the son of the goddess

Firdavs played the head of the messengers loyal to the goddess

Andrew’s part to play was to be one of the acrobats. Albeit we could not capture him doing a wheel spin, we all witnessed him pulling it off!

Matvei towers above all the wizards!

The students are happy to finish off the play with this last celebratory move.