Happy Summer Holidays

We would like to say a huge well done to all our boys for their incredible attitude and hard work this year. We have had a fantastic year with many laughs, and we have made lots of memories that will last a lifetime. We hope everyone has a wonderful summer break with their families and we will see some of you again in August. Take care and enjoy 😄.

Online Wellbeing.

 House meeting about Online Wellbeing

We had a discussion with the boys to see if they were conscious of how much time they spend on their phone and who really wins by you spending more and more time on your apps.

For the boys Wellbeing Projects they will participate in the Phone Detox Challenge.

Happy CDL Day!!

Today, the students and staff celebrated CDL Day! This included several events throughout the day, including the student and staff running races. The boys that participated did so well, and we are so proud of them all.

Sunday evening fun.

Masa and Chady had a laugh during the football match.

Herman and Masa on the attack.

Amgalan was in goal.

The boys really enjoyed the runaround. Spring is coming it was perfect weather for a kick around.

Louis was inside having a game of ping-pong.

Antonio, Artem, and Anastasia were enjoying Volleyball.

Aquarium Trip

Antonio, Kevin, and Bisher enjoyed looking at all the amazing different types of fish.

Aryan, Louis and Dima.

Aryan with a type of shark behind.

Bisher pretending to be a fish.

Climbing Saturday

Aryan really enjoyed being back on the wall on Saturday,

Artem managed to get to the top of the wall on his first weekend in the climbing club. Good jib Artem!!

Manuel at the top of a 6b+. He is making them look easy!!

Artem, Manuel and Hamza on the wall while playing a warm up game of dodgeball.

Manuel getting stronger each week!!

Artem very relaxed and calm for his first time on the wall.


The Boys go Bowling. House Activity

House photo at the end with smiles all round!! Great evening.

Bisher, Chady, Manuel, Antonio and Masafumi had a great time!

Amgalan very happy as he was in the lead!!

Louis eyeing up the pins before knocking them all down.

Artem about to bowl a strike.

Antonio decided to use some help near the end for some fun!!

Happy Antonio.

Herman and Dime had a great evening.

The look of concertation on Manuel. Manuel got two strikes back to back tonight!!

No better way to finish off than pizza in the House for dinner!!


Saturday full of Fun

The group of Climbers we had today!! Its becoming more and more popular each week!! Antonio and Manuel have attended the club since the first day and have fallen in love with the sport!!

Antonio very happy as he comes down from reaching the top of the wall!!

A relaxed and confident Antonio taking a momet for a quick picture.

Smiles all round!! Manuel climbed a 6B today and made it look easy!!

A very happy Manuel and Antonio at the end of the day looking forward to some lunch.

It was 40/40 tonight!! A game we love to play here in Concha when it gets dark as we have the big garden to run around!! Manuel tonight managed not to be caught once!!

Today Amgalan went Horse Riding which he loves to do. Here you can see him brushing down the horse.