Today we spent the day in Lausanne for Jeune Genevois

Group photo by the lake where we sat and ate our lunch.

All of the boys went to the Olympic Museum today. We got a House photo with Mr.Nathan and Mr.Ronan

Chaddy who arrived to the House yesterday, stood for a photo by the lake.

Erik, Antonio, Manuel, Masafumi and Yuto joined Chaddy for a nice photo by the lake!!

Louis really enjoyed the day in Lausanne and especially by the lake

Herman and Dymtro before leaving to go up to the museum

Antonio and Aryan playing a reflex game in the museum

Louis standing beside The Tokyo 2020 Gold Medal


Wellbeing Wednesdays!!

Tonight we had our Wellbeing meeting where the boys chose their individual projects. As our community projects, we choose to participate in the football tournament, where we had our first game tonight against AC Leman. We also Welcomed Chaddy who arrived at the house today!! 

Today Manuel, Erik, and Antonio wore their new House hoodies.

Herman, Loris, Masafumi, Dyma, Louis, and Erik also wore their hoodies to school today.

This morning Erik and Antonio had a quick game of x’s and o’s on the bench with the morning dew

Some shots from tonight’s game! It was a great game. Both teams played extremely well. The game finished 5-5. Great start to the tournament and a fair result for both teams.

The boys are all happy after a great performance!!!

House photo after the game. Well done boys!!

A Weekend full of Fun and lots of Activities

Aryan took part in the STEAM club on Saturday. The challenge was to see if you could make and build some that would protect the egg from breaking if you dropped it from a height. Aryan managed to do this!! Nice work Aryan

Manuel was putting up some shorts after coming back from dinner Sunday evening

Erik also joined where he was working on his lay-ups and footwork!

All of the boys from Concha along with other boarding students got to enjoy the beautiful weather we had at the aquapark today. They all loved it!!

On Saturday the boys took a visit into Geneva. Some of them needed to collect items for the upcoming Mountain Weekend next week. After we all enjoyed the weather by the beautiful lake and Jet d’Eau 

Dmytro and Herman stopped for a quick snap.

Also Antonio and Maneul.

Herman, Dmytro and Aryan all enjoyed a game of Beach Volleyball.

Saturday evening Cooking with Antonio & Manuel

Manuel and Antonio snapped before starting to cook the Spaghetti

Manuel cooked one of favorite snacks! Bread, dripped in egg then lightly coated in cinnamon! All the boys loved it!!

Antonio delighted as he started to cook the pasta!

Antonio cooked pasta for some of the boys in the House tonight! The boys loved it! Antonio’s pasta lives up to the Italian standards!! It was delicious!

Louis, Loris Herman, Aryan, Manuel and Antonio enjoying the pasta while watching a movie .


Perfect Saturday night for the boys!! Pasta and Movie before bed.. All of them looking forward to visiting the Aquapark in the morning!

Wellbeing Wednesday

After dinner, we held our weekly house meeting where we discussed upcoming events for the weekend. We also discussed different options for the boy’s individual Wellbeing project for our Wellbeing Pillar 1 Healthy Body and Minds.

Some of the boys chose to practice Mindfulness for their individual project for Pillar 1. Masafumi, Yuto, Erik, and Manuel followed a guided body scan for 10 min before bed.

Antonio took part in the Golf Club tonight along with Manuel and Aryan.

Aryan played golf for the first time which he really enjoyed!

Manuel managed to land 4 balls in the umbrella! He only started playing Golf 6 months ago

A visit to the Lake before Dinner

A quick group photo of all the boys by the lake today. Perfect afternoon to spend a hour before dinner by the lake with the sun shining.

Erik standing for a photo by the lake.

Loris and Aryan putting up a few shots after dinner.

Masafumi enjoys reading books and loves baseball. You will always find the baseball glove and ball close to the door ready for a game of catch!

Erik and Aryan enjoying PingPong where they had a very good end to end match!

What are the chances of this?

First Assembly and Swiss International Dinner

The boys chatting before Mr.Usher opened our first assembly tonight in Eiger auditorium


Louis, Erik, Antonio, Manuel and Masafumi all enjoying themselves at our first International dinner tonight! As you can see smiles all round


The delicious main course meal the boys enjoyed tonight

Erik managed to grab himself some balloons for himself after dinner.