Weekend of Fun!!

Kevin in the ball pool trying to figure his way out of the escape room.

Antonio stood for a quick photo.

Manuel took a quick rest after blitzing it down the slope!!

Antonio trying to figure his way out of the escape room.

Aryan working on trying to crack the code.

Erik managed to find a key for one of the safes.

Manuel and Luciana enjoying the sunshine in the mountains today.

Manuel enjoying some of the pasta he cooked with Antonio last night.


Fun in the Snow.

The boys and girls out enjoying Snow shoeing today.

Manuel taking a rest in the deep snow

Chady pushes Anastasia down the hill. She is on a bum sled.

Chady stopped for a quick photo.

Liam, Manuel and Antonio laying down taking a rest.

Aryan and his Sled

The beautiful snow-frosted trees.

Fete de l’Escalade and the Famous Marmite

Last night we celebrated ¨Escalade¨ a traditional Geneva festival that celebrates the victory of the Geneva republic against the Savoy’s Army in 1602. Each year we buy a chocolate marmite full of candies.

The boys breaking the chocolate. Traditional the youngest and oldest in the House break it.


Climbing and Tennis

Louis, Manuel, Kevin, and Antonio are all on the climbing wall.

Antonio managed a new climb this weekend.

Manuel keeps excelling each week he returns to the bouldering wall.

Louis first weekend climbing and he loved it.

Aryan and Luciana enjoyed a game of tennis Saturday morning also.

Christmas Dinner

Last night we had our annual Christmas Dinner where the whole Boarding Community was able to come together and have a formal evening. Each of the students dressed up very smartly and we ate some delicious food.

Group photo before leaving Concha.

Manuel, Antonio, Dmytro and Kevin at the table.

Antonio and Kevin