Mountain weekends by Aryan

Hello, I am Aryan and I am here to tell you about the ski weekend. The weather was nice, the ski instructors were super friendly, and there were a lot of different options for activities, for example, thermal baths, bowling, climbing, sports center, Brig visits, etc.

For the ones who don’t like skiing or are injured as was my case, I would recommend the thermal baths, honestly, the best thing I liked about thermal baths, meanwhile the outside was very cold, we were enjoying the really warm water in the indoor and outdoor pools.

But if you love slopes and adrenaline you should spend a day on Fiesch slopes, perfect for beginners because are wide and made for beginners’ level.



Are you ready for the ski weekend?

We are ready for a great weekend in the mountains, tomorrow we are going to Fiesch, a beautiful place in the Swiss mountains (of which you will soon see pictures). The weather will be perfect for skiing and enjoying the snow, so we have already prepared our skis. Soon we will bring you our best pictures!

1st Concha’s photography contest

We need your help! Concha’s first photo contest is here, taking advantage of all our last week’s trips, Paris, Montreux, and Interlaken.

We asked our boys in Concha if they would like to have a photo competition, photography is an art but at the same time a valuable element to keep beautiful memories.

Here is a selection of the photos submitted, we encourage you to comment with your favorite photo (just post the name of the picture), and the winner will have a special reward.


C’est la Tour Eiffel


Gazing at the horizon over Lake Geneva



A closer look



The first flakes on the mountains



Winged Victory of Samothrace


House Competition trophies are here!

The trophies have arrived! And we are ready to get our hands on all of them.

Right now, in the hall of Leman, they are on display, shining and attracting the attention of all boarders, is the big cup of the House competition, and many more trophies: Charity, Activities, Community Services, Talent show, and many more!

We will keep you informed of our ranking in the House Competition.

P.S: Please note that there is a cup for the blog with the highest number of visits, so don’t forget to bookmark the blog and visit it often to keep up to date (and help us win the cup).

Autumn in Concha

The autumn is giving us some wonderful landscapes and we wanted to enjoy going for a walk in Versoix, we were delighted to discover that in just a few minute’s walk from Concha we can be in the middle of a forest. The colors and smells along the way were truly marvelous, here are a few photos.


Charlie took this lovely photo

Happy Fall break!

The first break of the school year is coming and from Concha Blanca, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday, that you come back full of energy and looking forward to seeing us again and telling us about the great adventures of our holidays.

See you soon, enjoy it!

Back on the court

Today the sports tournaments are finally back and we have started with one of our favourites, the basketball tournament!

The opening game was against a tough opponent, Franconis, but we knew how to fight even though in the end we were defeated, the important thing is that the participation was massive, both on the court and cheering from the bench.

We leave you the analysis of the game by the captain of the basketball team, Giorgiy:

I think the game was great and it was a big challenge both physically and mentally. Throughout the game we most of the time tried our best and gave it all. Even though we did all of that I think we still should have been more focused on winning the game but it was ok. I feel like we can improve on communication and just understand each other better. But that of course takes time and it’s only our 3d week together.  Overall the game was a great way of getting better at teamwork and just overall getting to know each other better.


Jeûne Genevois at Concha

This day is a very old tradition, its origin dates back to the 16th century. It is celebrated in the Canton of Geneva, and it is celebrated in the best possible way, enjoying a delicious dessert, a plum tart (tarte aux pruneaux in French).

Concha’s boys approve of this delicacy!

Many thanks to all the kitchen staff for preparing it with so much love.


Olympic Day for Concha’s boys

Great day for Concha’s kids, today was Jeûne Genovois and as it is a bank holiday in the Canton of Geneva we went to visit the Olympic Museum of Lausanne, a really marvelous place!

We were able to learn and play at the same time, amazing, isn’t it?

We show you some pictures so you can see them for yourselves! We like all of them, but we love the last one, which one is your favorite?


Firdavs and Mark in the fountain of the Olympic museum.

The Olympic flame has always aroused much interest

Objects used in the ancient Olympics

Bisher and Georgiy walking in the museum

Learning a lot of interesting facts

Really surprised by the number of Olympic mascots

The museum is wonderful, it has a lot of memorabilia from all the Olympics.

Shiryu and Joe compete in virtual biathlon, one of the most challenging sports.

Andrew testing the Grand Slalom simulator

How is the nutrition of athletes?

Quote from the founder of modern Olympism; Pierre de Coubertin

Andrew, Liam, and Matvei are on top of the podium!

Amgalan, Joe, Masafumi, Eugenio, Ivan, and Shiryu (from left to right) enjoy a nice picnic by the lake, in the background the alps, wonderful views.