Imagine being a bird…

“Imagine being a bird, being able to enjoy the view of Lake Geneva from the air, feel the warm breeze, and move from side to side, up and down, with no limits”.

In Concha today the dream has come true, our adventurers Firdavs and Mohammad have accepted the challenge of paragliding and have jumped to the air in a tandem flight with an instructor.

The adrenaline of the take-off follows the calm while you fly over the treetops of the “Roche de Naye“, the castle of Chillon, and other surrounding villages, to approach the landing strip, with some acrobatics for the more courageous, and end the flight with a huge smile on your face.

Speeding Into a Birthday Adventure: Karting Delights

Yesterday we had the opportunity to celebrate Ivan’s birthday in a Karting, it was definitely an adventure. During 3 rounds of 10 minutes, the adrenaline kept us on our toes, between each round we laughed and talked, but we also shared tips on how to learn to drive, or at least how not to crash.

Afterward, we enjoyed some delicious pizzas and sang happy birthday to Ivan while eating cake.

A great afternoon for Concha’s boys with great memories for sure!


Fun days in Concha

Imagine the excitement when school is out for an extended break! With no classes on Thursday and Friday, the kids were overjoyed to embark on thrilling adventures. Let’s dive into their incredible journey!

With four free days ahead, the kids eagerly ventured into the Bio Parc. The sight of rescued birds, playful lemurs, and friendly farm animals brought smiles to their faces. The joy and wonder of witnessing these incredible creatures up close made their hearts soar with happiness. It was a perfect start to their break!

On Friday evening, the kids headed to the cinema for a mind-blowing action movie. The electrifying stunts and intense storyline had them on the edge of their seats, grinning from ear to ear.

Caisses a savon – Versoix

The 38th edition of this peculiar race takes place in Versoix and in other cities of the region. They are vehicles without engines, made in an artisan way and they have to make a downhill course in the shortest possible time propelled by gravity. No doubt they have left us some funny memories to see the number of funny designs we have seen.

Portuguese dinner

Wednesday night transported us to the west of the Iberian Peninsula, where without a doubt Portuguese gastronomy leaves its mark wherever it goes. A tasty roast chicken with potatoes, a delicious cod dish, or a tasty octopus, are some of the examples of the dishes we enjoyed yesterday, but without a doubt the best, the “pastéis de nata“, there were none left so you can imagine how tasty they were.

Many thanks to our kitchen staff for helping us to travel without having to leave the CDL dining room.


Roman Holiday

No doubt this weekend Javier and Matvei, have been able to enjoy “La Dolce Vita” on their trip to Rome, they visited the Italian capital enjoying a guided tour of its most emblematic monuments and the Vatican City, with its famous Swiss guard. In addition, as a special activity, the boys visited the “Stadio Olimpico” to enjoy the spectacle of a VI Nations match between Wales and Italy, for many it was their first rugby match, but they certainly enjoyed the atmosphere of this international spectacle.


Something is going to happen in Concha…

First of all, we are sorry to be so mysterious but the occasion deserves it.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather today in Versoix and the fact that there is no school tomorrow due to the PT meetings, we are practicing our Talent Show, which will take place next Tuesday.

On that day you will have more news from us and you will be able to enjoy our spectacular show, we hope you like it.

Concha boys are back!

After a wonderful week of holidays and with our batteries fully recharged we are back in Concha. Soon we will continue to show you many more of our adventures!



Charlie saw amazing northern lights in Norway

Ivan visited one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Switzerland, Zermatt

The boys on the ski camp in Crans Montana enjoyed a lot of activities in this wonderful town.

Moroccan night

Have you ever tried Moroccan Tagine? We had the opportunity to taste it yesterday, and the truth is that it is delicious, especially if it is accompanied by a great tea. Thank you very much to all the staff who participate in these international dinners, we love them!



Japanese dinner 🗾

As every Wednesday our CDL chefs surprise us with an international dinner, this Wednesday it was the turn of Japan, whose famous gastronomy did not leave us indifferent.

We love to immerse ourselves in different cultures through food, is it a good idea or not?