Wellbeing Pillar 4: Online Safety

In our House Assembly this evening, we kicked off our 4th Wellbeing Pillar – Online Safety!

Nadim is our advocate for this months pillar and led us through a quiz that asked us the following questions related to Online Life vs Real Life:

  • How many hours per day do you spend on your phone?
  • Which social media do you have? 
  • Thinking of your followers – do you know them all?
  • On a normal day, do you speak more with friends in person, or via your phone?
  • Do you use your phone in the last 30 minutes before sleeping?
  • From what age do you think a young person should be allowed on Instagram / TikTok / Snapchat?
  • Do you think people only show a ‘good side’ of life on social media?
  • Have you ever experienced something negative online? 
  • Are we conscious of how much time we spend on our phones – do we spend an equal amount of time living offline?

Discussing some of the negative experiences that we have had online allowed us to learn from others about how to either avoid or handle different situations.
Additionally, the question of what age should an individual be allowed to have various forms of scoial media sparked a conversation about what is ideal and was it realistic.
It was interesting to reflect and discuss these questions that have become increasing pertinent in this age of digital technology and social media.