Wellbeing Pillar 1 – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds

Welcome to the first pillar of our wellbeing programme – Nurturing Healthy Bodies and Minds.
If we don’t look after ourselves in healthy ways, other areas of our lives can be negatively impacted. Our aim with the wellbeing programme, is to introduce a balance to our lives, to help us to reach our full potential and most of all be happy and healthy. This pillar we can split into two parts:
Healthy Mind
This how we relax, switch off, de stress, and deal with the pressures of school and everyday life. I would like to encourage our students to use their free time positively and use something they are interested in as a form of relaxation. This could include anything from sports, music, reading, walking or art. 
Healthy body
This is all about keeping fit and healthy, as well as what food we put into our bodies. Our students are able to achieve this achieve through the wide range of sports, activities, and clubs that we have available for our them. 

There are 2 points I want our students to come away from this pillar with, and I want our students to think about how we can factor in these 2 points into our everyday lives:

  1. How can we use our hobbies to de-stress?
  2. Why is sleep is important?


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