Boarding Award Ceremony

This week we had our Boarding Award Ceremony to celebrate some of the achievements made during 1st Semester. We acknowledged those in each House who showed outstanding enthusiasm, motivation, and involvement in the Boarding programme.

Winning the Boarding Life award were Gabriel and Karim. Both these boys are polite, respectful, and courteous to both their peers and staff. They are held in high regard amongst their peers. They are happy and willing to assist the House Parents and often take on extra responsibilities within the house.

Winning the Activity Awards were Ablaikhan and Hector. These boys enthusiastically participate in the afternoon activity schedule along with enjoying the sports facilities on offer during social time in the evenings. They also eagerly participate in the weekend programme, taking advantage of the trips on offer or the activities offered.

Finally, we also awarded those students who achieved the highest grades in their year. We were very proud that Gabriel and Nadim achieved these awards.




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